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    Hey everyone, we have released our first phase of the QoL Update. We are currently working hard on the planned content for the update, but it will take some time for it to finish. We decided to break this update into multiple phases, and we're releasing the first phase to address the more troublesome issues in the game at the current moment.

    With that, here is the list of changes for Phase 1:

    Starter Classes
    • Skeleton, Zombie, Enderman, and Herobrine will be replaced by Cow, Hunter, and Shark as Starter Classes. No coin refunds are involved for the following changes.
      • For players who already have upgrades for Cow, Hunter, or Shark, they will keep their upgrades.
      • Players will only keep their upgrades for Skeleton, Zombie, Enderman, and Herobrine if they meet at least one of the following two conditions. If a player does not meet these conditions, then their upgrades will be reverted to level 1, and they will have to unlock that class again.
        • They have 250 Prestige Points or more with that class.
        • They have played that class for 3 in game hours or more.
      • Skeleton, Zombie, Enderman, and Herobrine will have new coin prices for unlocking, as they will be Regular Classes now:
        • Skeleton - 40000 Coins
        • Zombie - 15000 Coins
        • Enderman - 25000 Coins
        • Herobrine - 25000 Coins
    • Starter Classes will no longer give pre-determined upgrades to players. Instead, coin upgrades for these classes will be significantly reduced compared to other classes.

    Mythic Games
    • You will only have access to classes that you have unlocked, with no extra upgrades.
    • Choosing random will give you a random prestiged class, including classes you don't have unlocked.
      • Mythics will have a slightly higher chance of being chosen for random, while starters will have a slightly lower chance. This way, you will be more likely to play a class you don't have unlocked, or one that requires statistics to upgrade, making progress easier.

    Class Balancing
    • Squid's Inner Ink Duration: 0.8/1.6/2.4 seconds --> 1/2/3 seconds.
    • Squid's Inner Ink Radius: 2/3/4 Blocks --> 3/4/5 Blocks.
    • Cow's EPH (Bow): 15 --> 20.
    • Shark's EPH (Melee & Bow): 9.5 --> 10.
    • Shark's Food Hunt (Assist Healing); 1/1.5/2 HP --> 2/3/4 HP.
    • Dreadlord's EPH (Melee & Bow): 13 --> 10.
    • Dreadlord's Shadow Burst Damage: 7 --> 8.
    • Shaman's Tornado Damage: 1.0-1.5 --> 1.25-1.75.
    • Arcanist's EPH (Melee & Bow): 36 --> 34.
    • Arcanist's Arcane Explosion Cooldown: 2 seconds --> 1 second.
    • Werewolf's EPH (Bow): 6 --> 8.
    • Renegade's Grappling Hook Cooldown: 20 seconds --> 25 seconds.
    • Automaton's EPH (Melee & Bow): 2.5 --> 4.
    • Automaton EPH buff (Melee/Bow) (3.5/2 → 4).

    Ability Upgrade Scaling
    • We've completely revamped the upgrades across classes to improve their power at lower levels, and decrease their disadvantage versus higher levels. Ability Level I will be at worst 50% of the strength of Ability Level V.
    • We've also made the values semi-consistent across classes. This change is in the same vein as our November 2018 Balance Patch to give newer players a more formidable foothold when starting out in Mega Walls. This will be our goal for later balance changes going forward as well.
    • A full list of changes are as follows:
      Values between 2.0 and 5.0 at Level V (0.25 Scale)
      • Herobrine: 2.9-4.5 --> 3.5-4.5
      • Cow: 1.7-2.5 --> 1.5-2.5
      • Arcanist: 1.0-2.0 (Unchanged)
      • Phoenix: 2.2-3.0 --> 2.0-3.0
      • Snowman: 1.2-2.0 --> 1.0-2.0

      Values between 5.0 and 7.0 at Level V (0.5 Scale)
      • Zombie: 4.6-7.0 --> 5.0-7.0
      • Spider: 3.0-5.0 (Unchanged)
      • Golem: 2.6-5.0 --> 3.0-5.0

      Values between 8.0 and 10 at Level V (0.75 Scale)
      • Creeper: 6.0-10 --> 7.0-10
      • Shark: 5.6-8.0 --> 5.0-8.0
      • Dreadlord: 5.0-8.0 (Changed due to damage buff)
      • Blaze: 4.0-8.0 --> 5.0-8.0 (If all three fireballs connect)
      • Pigman: 4.0-8.0 --> 5.0-8.0
      • Pirate: 4.0-8.0 --> 5.0-8.0
      • Moleman: 4.0-8.0 --> 5.0-8.0
      • Werewolf: 3.2-8.0 --> 5.0-8.0
      • Assassin: 5.6-8.0 --> 5.0-8.0

      Class Exceptions
      • Skeleton: 10-18 (2.0 Scale, Unchanged)
      • Enderman: 13-25 --> 15-25 (2.5 Scale)
      • Squid: (110/3)-(210/3) --> 50-70 (5.0 Scale)
      • Shaman: 1.25-1.75 (0.125 Scale, Unchanged)
      • Hunter: 7.6-14 --> 8.0-14 (1.5 Scale)
      • Renegade: (6/6)-(10/6) (1/6 Scale, Unchanged)
      • Automaton: 90-50 --> 70-50 (5.0 Scale)

    Class Tag & Difficulty Changes
    • We've updated the difficulties and tags for classes to better fit their playstyles and skill floors. We will be viewing the first tag of a class as their "Primary" playstyle, and their second tag as their "Secondary" playstyle, although this might vary from a major/minor split to a 50/50 split.
    • We will also create a key in game for the class tag system in a later phase of the update. You can read the planned key below:
      • Fighter - Focuses on individual fights.
      • Control - Focuses on group fights.
      • Support - Focuses on healing teammates.
      • Rusher - Focuses on attacking enemy withers.
      • Damage - Able to deal a large amount of damage in a short period of time.
      • Tank - Able to take very little damage.
      • Mobility - Able to move around very quickly and avoid obstacles.
      • Ranged - Able to deal more damage from far away.
    • Here are the following list of changes regarding Class Tags and Difficulties:
      Skeleton: Ranged/Mobility (Hard) → Ranged/Control (Hard)
      Zombie: Tank/Support (Medium) → Tank/Support (Easy)
      Creeper: Damage/Control (Challenging) → Control/Damage (Hard)
      Enderman: Mobility/Rusher (Medium) → Mobility/Fighter (Hard)
      Herobrine: Fighter/Damage (Easy) → Damage/Control (Easy)
      Spider: Mobility/Rusher (Hard) → Mobility/Rusher (Medium)
      Squid: Tank/Control (Easy) → Control/Tank (Easy)
      Cow: Tank/Support (Medium) → Support/Tank (Easy)
      Shark: Damage/Control (Easy) → Fighter/Control (Hard)
      Dreadlord: Rusher/Fighter (Medium) → Rusher/Damage (Easy)
      Shaman: Fighter/Control (Easy) → Control/Mobility (Medium)
      Arcanist: Fighter/Damage (Easy) → Damage/Fighter (Easy)
      Golem: Tank/Fighter (Easy) → Tank/Control (Medium)
      Blaze: Ranged/Control (Medium) → Damage/Ranged (Medium)
      Pigman: Fighter/Support (Medium) → Tank/Damage (Easy)
      Pirate: Fighter/Damage (Medium) → Fighter/Damage (Hard)
      Hunter: Ranged/Fighter (Hard) → Ranged/Fighter (Medium)

      Moleman: Mobility/Control (Hard) → Damage/Mobility (Hard)
      Werewolf: Tank/Fighter (Medium) → Mobility/Tank (Medium)
      Phoenix: Ranged/Support (Challenging) → Support/Ranged (Hard)
      Assassin: Damage/Rusher (Medium) → Fighter/Mobility (Medium)
      Renegade: Mobility/Ranged (Hard) → Mobility/Ranged (Challenging)
      Snowman: Control/Fighter (Hard) → Damage/Fighter (Challenging)
      Automaton: Control/Tank (Challenging) → Tank/Control (Challenging)
    • In total, there will be 7 Easy Classes, 7 Medium Classes, 7 Hard Classes, & 3 Challenging Classes. Mythic Classes range from Medium Difficulty to Challenging Difficulty, Starter Classes have one of each difficulty between Easy and Hard, and Regular Classes range from Easy Difficulty to Hard Difficulty.

    Lore Fixes
    We've added tons of new information within the lore of most classes. Here is a full changelog of was was added or changed:
    • Explosive Arrow now lists its damage area (12x12).
    • Circle of Healing now lists its healing radius for teammates (5 blocks).
    • Teleport now lists information about your diamond boots in regards to fall damage reduction (75% reduction).
    • Wrath now lists its damage radius (5 blocks).
    • Leap now lists its damage radius (4 blocks).
    • Leap now mentions how a player is able to shift while right clicking to attack at an arced path (what was used before the Reclaim Update).
    • Squid Splash now mentions that your damage area is of a fan shape.
    • Luck of the Sea now mentions how you receive 3 Absorption Potions, not 1.
    • Soothing Moo now lists its healing radius (7 blocks).
    • Refreshing Sip now lists its healing radius (7 blocks).
    • Ultra Pasteurized has had its information corrected. Buckets give Regeneration II (not I), and isn't doubled for users who aren't cows. The effects are the same for all classes.
    • From the Depths water area is corrected, it is a 7x7 area (not 5x5).
    • From the Depths now mentions how the water area shrinks when near a wither.
    • From the Depths now mentions that teammates in your water pool receive the Depth Strider II enchantment while your water pool is in effect.
    • Blood Rage now lists the total damage boost you would receive at its maximum capacity.
    • Dark Matter now mentions that the iron armor is cycled between an Iron Chestplate, Iron Leggings, and Iron Boots.
    • Tornado now lists its damage radius (5.5 blocks).
    • Heroism now mentions that it can be activated via Tornado.
    • Arcane Beam now lists its maximum damage distance (34 blocks).
    • Arcane Explosion now lists its damage area (5x5).
    • Immolating Burst now mentions that the fireballs have splash damage.
    • Burning Soul now lists its damage radius (7 blocks).
    • Burning Soul now mentions that the vortex can be obstructed by solid blocks.
    • Valor now lists its healing radius (8 blocks).
    • Resourcefulness now mentions the specific armor pieces that are inside a chest (Iron Helmet, Iron Leggings, & Iron Boots).
    • Angry Birds now lists its attacking radius (7 blocks).
    • Treasure Hunter now lists all the custom loot you can find as well as their enchantments.
    • Animal Companion now lists that you can randomly spawn a Cow.
    • Lycanthropy now mentions that you deal +2 true damage against every unique enemy while your ability's speed effect is active.
    • Sun Ray now lists its healing area (6x6).
    • Sun Ray now shows how much health you can heal in one burst when at 100 energy.
    • Shadow Step now specifies that you won't take damage upon its activation.
    • Rend now lists its damage radius (9.5 blocks).
    • Rend now lists the timer until an arrow falls out of a player (2 minutes).
    • Rend now specifies that you are able to deal damage based on the last 6 successful bow shots per enemy, rather than just the last 6 arrows you successfully shot at enemies in general.
    • Looting now lists the Regeneration effect of the Regen-ade splash potions (8 seconds of Regeneration I).
    • Blizzard now lists its snow/slow area (8x8).

    Plans for the Future
    The release of Phase I is to give the community some appeasement involving hackers after we removed the Network Level Requirement. This starter class change was based on multiple community responses & feedback, which was really great for us! But when we are unable to make a highly requested change, please realize that we do have a reason why we aren't doing it. We might not have the ability to share that reasoning, but that doesn't diminish its importance.

    We are planning to break the content for this update into three phases. This first phase here is to setup for the general class changes in Phase 2. This includes all the class revamps, loot chest changes, RNG changes, some class bugs, and some more bonus stuff that's secret. We will then take a small development break following Phase 2's release (outside of unforeseen class bugs) for the class meta to stabilize and for the HPC to balance out any power inconsistencies. Afterwards, we will conclude with Phase 3, which will contain the more gameplay heavy revamps including the Class Point System, Leaderboard Changes, Prestige V, Team Balancer Revamp, Wither Revamp, and other similar changes.

    Anyways, we hope you enjoy Phase 1!

    Special Thanks:
    Quattuor for the foundations of the Starter Class Revamp.
    HPC for help gathering player feedback and finalizing changes
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