1. Just pushed a patch to MW.

    This is mostly a bugfixes patch.
    The council is working on formulating a new proposal following the previous recent one.
    A balance patch will follow once we figure out changes that most of the community wants.

    Scrapped whatever resistance mechanics there was left currently.
    Changed to:
     - If 4 withers alive: the 2 lowest HP ones get 45% damage reduction
     - If 3 or less: only the lowest HP wither gets the damage reduction
     - If 3 withers alive: +10% damage against withers
     - If 2 withers alive: +25% damage against withers
     - If 1 wither alive: +50% damage against withers
    Last stand:
     - If more than 1 wither alive: withers below 150HP have 40% damage reduction
    General Balance
    • Pre-walls Haste upgraded to Haste II. (Zombie mechanic unchanged for now)
    • Increased Arcanist Beam hitbox, decreased min range and increased max range from 27 to 34
    • Players resurrected by being bonded to a Phoenix will reappear with 50% of their HP.
    • Sun Ray collision now a cylinder instead of a sphere, making it easier to hit midair targets
    • Only 1 dread skull per skill cast can damage a player (20+ HP skill was a bug)
    • Fixed Blaze getting instant health from its gathering talent
    • Fixed Zombie Well Trained only applying for less than a second
    • Changed Lycantrophy skill: Now deals 2 true damage the first time you hit someone each cast
    Added chat message when you score a FK above 10 blocks:


    • Fixed the needle pointing nowhere
    • Fixed the boss bar showing enemies trying to hide in their base right after their wither died
    • Fixed Regenade typo
    • Fixed Phoenix breaking bedrock and barrier with its resurrect skill
    • Fixed Venom Strike consuming hits when hitting allies
    • Fixed Spider Iron Rush not triggering on farmland
    • Blocks now explode fine above Y=80
    • There is now a message when using Moleman dig in protected area and refunds energy (+ new Dig sfx)
    • Fixed "Avalanche" achievement
    • Fixed "Revenge of the Wolves" achievement
    • Fixed "Captain Combo" achievement
    • Fixed "To Infinity" achievement triggering only at 4 consecutive kills
    • Fixed "Marksman" achievement rarely counting up (50 blocks is still hard/luck)
    • Fixed "Inventory Management" achievement (triggers on pickup)
    • Added missing Unbreakable to Automaton boots
    • Duskforge's castle now covers the ground floor
    • Fixed the in barrier around the top of Dynasty's mid
    If there are bugs you know which haven't been fixed (I'm sure there are!), make sure to report them in the bug reports section. If already posted it in the section before this patch and it wasn't fixed, you can PM me on the forums with a link to your report.

    Again, we are still deliberating on which balance changes to apply to the game.
    We do read the forums and your suggestions are valuable, as long as it's done respectfully.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  2. Oh thank god. Wither resistance and compassion fix is bad alongside a hotfix for werewolf.
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  3. Kolton12O

    Kolton12O Well-Known Member

    Yay :D thanks for all you do on the server!
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  4. phoenix heal still needs a slight buff its literally useless
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  5. That should come in the balance patch that's hopefully really soon, but for now it's insanely underpowered, yeah.
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  6. A single team can actually comeback and not get bullied all game a great change from a big boy

    Also how much did the hitbox for arcanist beam get increased? Is there a scale we can go off of by any chance?
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  7. faints
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Dawntt

    Dawntt New Member

    Good stuff minik, finally making the game playable
  10. Thank you so much:
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  11. Haven't tried it out yet but THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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  12. Very good patch gj Hypixel Team

    Abominable Snowman skin is still glitched right now.
  13. Alright. Nice seeing new wither changes.
  14. You must not be playing phoenix right
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  15. bonevoid

    bonevoid Well-Known Member

    Capacity QUEST
    You're back <3
    Thanks Mini! Won't get to try out these changes till Friday (oof school) but I'm sooooo looking forward to Arc being fixed!! :D
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  16. KILL1NG

    KILL1NG Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Dope stuff, hope to see more in the near future :)
  17. Venge

    Venge Well-Known Member

    Lowes LOWES
    wheres my squid buff?
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  18. Toxify

    Toxify Active Member

    Endy and squid buff?
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  19. Umei

    Umei Active Member

    Was wonderin' why I could mine so fast! And glad for the Wither changes. My last game was a lil one-sided still but we had good defense.

    Overall a nice lil patch. Can't wait to see what's next!

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