1. Puffins are cool...
    this update is cooler
  2. Mega Walls? Why not Large Walls?[​IMG]
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  3. squid regen is broken rn
  4. I feel like I remember your name.
    I played like 1,5 years ago and my name.was AgentSlimey (cringy name lmao)
  5. k. arc sucks, snowman sucks. thanks for making all the coins and mythic favor i spent on them for nothing. next I would like to point out that because arc can no longer tunnel afterr walls fall, maybe that warrants a shorter cool for arc explosion? or maybe you could removed the cooldown for the damage only? like the cooldown only effects the energy gain from it? or maybe vise versa?
  6. Sueshe

    Sueshe Well-Known Member

    Nice to see my boi creeper got reverted!
  7. Good work

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