1. Cactuz

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    Scarlet SCAR
    I've never seen you in my life lol what are you talking about
  2. Def gonna play arcanist to see if it got too nerfed, since arcanist is pretty touchy.
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  3. But still I could do my quests in mega walls for a little bit
  4. I've seen it in action, it actually still has an issue with AE's cooldown so that's going to be addressed later. But yeah, it's not that bad because of AE.

    Once that's fixed we'll probably see to compensate it somewhat.
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  5. New cool patch :0
  6. You neaty boi
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  7. there was an update like before summer which is better than a lot of games so, 2 updates in this year > no updates, i mean duels doesnt need a update but fixing matchmaking would be nice
  8. Ethbar

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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
  9. thanks so much
    we will enjoy this game
  10. filoof

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    ok you can do that in the duels forums bye
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  11. TheCJBrine

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    Creeper: timer increased to 4 seconds.

    alright I gotta stop y'all there. Even if it's max 10 damage, it has worse DPS than classes such as Herobrine and can't stack Detonates due to the 0.5 second energy cooldown and the lack of Energy per Click.

    It was fine with a constant 7-8 damage, and it was still hard to survive as a Creeper at times. Should probably have higher EPH or something, I dunno. But to be honest, I still need to test this, and actually it may be fine with the 0.75 less damage per block, meaning you'll usually deal around the same damage anyway if you're close to them I guess, though the extra second may throw it off...

    The rest of the changes look good.
  12. Been trying out creeper myself, the timer increase actually is more of a buff than a nerf, and the class is doing really well right now.

    As you said due to the energy cooldown, it was stricter for you to stack abilities when the timer was 3 seconds. You had to land 5 out of the 6 hits within 3 seconds to be able to use another ability. Adding another second made this much easier, where you now have to land 5 out of 8 hits within 4 seconds to be able to use another ability. This combined with the added damage should be beneficial for all creeper mains.
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  13. TheCJBrine

    TheCJBrine Well-Known Member

    Okay this sounds good.

    I'll try it out ingame; tbh I haven't played Mega Walls in a while, I'm filled with Super Smash Bros. hype and have been on a Smash Bros. forum.
  14. Yeah!!!!
    (reserved for in-depth feedback later)
  16. I've never done much Mega Walls (or any other Walls); I'm not good at it, so this doesn't really effect me.
  17. Luv this update. I’ve tried out Auto it’s still slightly underpowered but I’m happy we got an update
  18. already did like 2 days ago
  19. Remove Auto’s energy loss thing after 100 energy it would make the class much better :) and change the 2% damage increase on calculus to 3% . ;)
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