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    Hey everyone!

    The Hypixel Player Council has been working with the Mega Walls community for the past month to balance and fix classes that needed attention. This was done through our poll, first proposal, and second proposal. We've also added some special bonuses to the patch by improving the lore (or information) regarding classes and their abilities. This includes showing information about how much energy you receive depending on the different actions you use in the game!

    Click to read more about the full list of changes!

    • Class Lore has been updated.
      • You can now see the values for:
        • Energy per Hit (Ability/Melee/Bow). Labeled as EPH.
        • Energy when Hit (Melee/Bow). Labeled as EWH.
        • Energy per Second (Preparation/Game/Deathmatch). Labeled as EPS, where Preparation is shortened to Prep, and Deathmatch is shortened to DM.
          • Game represents when you receive EPS after the walls fall, including Deathmatch.
      • Note that some of this information might surprise you, but outside of the balance changes below, nothing else was modified in the game.
    • You can no longer duplicate Junk Food or Werewolf Steak.
    • You will now receive an assist if a teammate kills an enemy within 15 seconds after you supported them. This includes healing a teammate directly or giving them any positive potion effect.

    Individual Classes


    • Detonate now correctly deals a reduced damage depending on the distance the enemy is from the center of your ability. This has a minimum of 5 damage and a maximum of 10 damage.
    • The reduced damage based on distance for Detonate has been decreased. You will now lose 0.75 damage per block (previously this was 1.5 damage per block).
    • The timer for Detonate has increased to 4 seconds (previously was 3 seconds).
    • Flurry now gives you Regeneration I and Speed II (previously Regeneration II and Speed II).
      • Regeneration lasts for 5 seconds.
    • You will now have a maximum of 2 Speed II potions (previously 4 Speed II potions).
    • Projectile Protection I is removed from your Iron Helmet.
    • Treasure Hunter is increased to 300% at max (previously 200%).
    • Leap now deals 5 damage at max (previously 5.5 damage).
    • Lore for Leap is fixed, clarifying that you receive up to 4 Venom Strikes upon using Leap, depending on its upgrade.
    • You can only have a maximum of 5 Venom Strikes at any given time.
    • Skitter will now give you 10 energy at max (previously 20 energy).
    • Skitter will no longer grant energy before the walls fall.
    • Squid Splash will now deal 3.5 damage (previously dealt 3 damage).
    • Squid Splash now correctly has a 5 block radius.
    • Rejuvenate will now heal for 12HP at max (previously 10HP).
    • Rejuvenate will last for twice its duration but heal at half its rate (Regeneration V --> Regeneration IV).
    • Rejuvenate will now also give you Resistance I.
    • Soothing Moo now gives the user Regeneration II (previously it gave Regeneration I).
    • Bucket Barrier now protects for 65% of incoming damage at max (previously 50%).
    • Ultra Pasteurized now has a 3% chance to activate at max (previously 2.5%).
    • You will now receive 3 Milk Buckets in your kit at max (previously 2 buckets).
    • From The Depths now gives you Regeneration I for the duration of your ability.
    • Blood Rage's water boost now has a damage cap of +1.5.
    • Blood Rage will no longer consider you or allies as players under 15 HP for calculations.
    • Shark now receives two 8 heart healing potions at max kit.
    • Wolves will no longer spawn based on a chance. Instead, a wolf will always spawn after you are hit 6 times (by max).
      • Previously, you would have a higher chance of spawning a wolf every time you failed at spawning one, so the passive can reliably occur when RNG is naturally unreliable. This gave the passive an inflated chance of occurring, causing problems. In turn, we've changed it into a reliable system similar to Herobrine's Flurry.
    • Wolves now deal 35% less damage.
    • Wolves now have 14HP (previously they had 20HP).
    • Wolves now last for a maximum of 12 seconds (previously 18 seconds).
    • Ore will no longer grant 40 energy after the walls fall when mined with Arcane Beam.
    • After the walls fall, only ores will be destroyed with your Arcane Beam.
      • This is to ensure that you can no longer tunnel using Arcanist as an offensive measure.
    • Arcane Explosion now has a 2 second cooldown (previously 1 second).
    • Melting Core now has a 2 second cooldown (previously had a 1 second cooldown).
    • Fossil Fuels' cooldown is now correctly displayed in your hotbar.
    • Fossil Fuels' fire particle will now only occur whenever the GT activates.
    • Hunter’s EPS is now increased to 0.75 (previously 0.5).
    • Hunter now receives 4 Melee EPH.
    • We were unable to add Regeneration I to the Speed I buff in Force of Nature from the previous proposal, so we've compensated by doing the following changes:
      • Eagle Eye now also gives you 0.33 HP for every melee hit, but you will only receive 2 melee energy for its duration (this was valued at 0.25 HP and 0 melee energy in the previous proposal).
      • Speed II from your Force of Nature passive now lasts for 8 seconds (previously lasted for 6 seconds).
    • You will receive 1 more Golden Apple in your kit (totalling 3).
    • Junk Food will no longer grant energy to classes other than Moleman.
    • Moleman now receives 10 EPH (previously 9 EPH).
    • You will no longer receive EPS during Deathmatch.
    • Spirit Bond now heals you for 1 HP every 3.75 seconds (previously, Spirit Bond gave you Regeneration I, which heals you for 1 HP every 2.5 seconds).
      • If you gain any Regeneration buff while Spirit Bond is active, you will not earn the Spirit Bond healing until after the Regeneration buff has ended.
    • Shadow Step now has the correct lore information. Upgrades grant you increased range for activation.
    • Master Alchemist now correctly checks for the damage you’ve taken within a full second (previously it was checking for about 0.5 seconds). In turn, you are now required to lose 10 HP for it to activate, and it now has an 18 second cooldown.
    • Arrow Catch now has an improved hitbox. Now, arrows that land anywhere in the direction you are facing will count in a larger area.
    • Ice Bolt’s damage is reduced to 1.9 at max (previously 2.3 damage).
    • Snowman mobs now shoot once every 0.75 seconds (previously, the rate was once every 0.45 seconds).
    • Snowman now officially has a maximum of 4 mobs.
    • Winter Treasure now has a 4% chance of finding a Pumpkin and an 8% chance of finding a Snow Block when breaking a block at max.
    • Automaton's Energy Mechanics have been revamped.
      • You now have a permanent energy cap of 160.
      • While you are above 101 energy, you lose 1 energy every second.
      • All forms of energy gain will affect this cap.
    • A-23 Protocol now sets the energy of opponents to 60% at max (previously 70%).
    • You will now receive Protection II on both armor pieces by max kit.
    • Healing potions also give Regeneration II for 2 seconds, effectively making potions heal for 6.5 hearts (previous proposal had it at 1 second, but upon testing, this did not provide the extra health as intended).
    • Potions of Healing are now renamed “Gasoline Cans”.

    Following this patch, the Player Council will be observing the forums for any feedback or bugs. Now that the lore has been upgraded, you should be able to more easily recognize when something is amiss. Make sure to report bugs here!

    Have fun!
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  2. man, i really need to star playing mw, but it always seemed a bit complex xd
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    HI :D
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  4. I love this update already! good work!
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  6. Nice!
    This was pretty needed. When will classic lobby update come out?
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  7. We hope everyone enjoys this patch, and I have to honestly thank Dctr extra for helping throughout all of this. We hope everyone enjoys the patch!

    Balancing feedback will be checked through this thread, but not until a few days have passed so things can calm down a bit.
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  8. Maybe I should play again. Lol
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    Congratulations! You have made the right decision!
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    hooray for aut and cow buffs, thanks!
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  12. Thortuk

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    SkyComm SKY
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    L9 L9
  14. Can't wait to the Hypixel Halloween update!
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  15. Corone

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    Soulburn SOUL
    Cool! I dont play mw tho...
  16. 2 updates in one day!
    HYPE TRAIN!!!!
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  17. Nice
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  18. Reserved
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  19. Hypeee!
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  20. Pretty neat.

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