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    we've just released a new Mega Walls patch, adding new features, changing some gameplay mechanics as well as fixing bugs.

    This update includes
    • The removal of RNG from the game
    • New automatic-pickup mechanic
    • Quality of life improvements
    • Bug fixes
    All of this is part of the process to implement Phase 2 changes. There will be more updates after this one! Keep reading to learn about all of the details!

    Deterministic Activations
    Chest discovery will now be made more consistent: You have an added chance to find a chest for every block you don't find one.
    • Finding a chest resets the bonus.
    • Herobrine's gathering talent will make the bonus x4 stronger.
    • Blocks mined by abilities or passives will also count towards the bonus chance, but the bonus for these blocks will be made weaker. (Example: Arcanist's beam and Enderman's gathering talent).
    Many passives receive the same consistency change by making them depend on the number of actions made rather than a random chance. Many of these passives show in the action bar to signal when they are about to activate.
    Hunter keeps its random-based abilities to stick with the original design of the class.

    • Salvaging: 30%/60%/90% → every 3/2/1 hits (bow)
    • Efficiency: 33%/66%/100% → every 3/2/1 blocks mined (ore/wood)
    • Toughness: 12.5%/25%/37.5% → every 5/4/3 hits (melee/bow)
    • Well Trained: 80%/90%/100% → every 3/2/1 blocks mined (stone/ore/wood)
    • Fission Heart (Creeper Mob): 33%/66%/100% → every 3/2/1 deaths
      • Guaranteed after your wither dies for all upgrades.
    • TNT Mining: 60%/80%/100% → every 3/2/1 blocks mined (coal ore)
    • Ender Heart (Keeping Inventory): 13%/26%/39% → every 5/4/3 deaths
      • Diamonds & diamond items (that aren’t kit items) aren’t kept upon death.
    • Enderblocks: 20%/35%/50% → every 5/4/3 blocks mined (stone/ore/wood)
    • Iron Rush: 80%/90%/100% → every 3/2/1 blocks mined (shovel related)
    • Luck of the Sea: 15%/20%/25% → every 6/5/4 loot chests
    • Ultra Pasteurized: 1%/2%/3% → every 80/70/60 blocks mined (stone)
      • Now drops in stacks of 2.
    • Sea Treasure: 16%/32%/48% → every 4/3/2 loot chests
    • Soul Eater: 10%/15%/20% → every 7/6/5 hits (melee/bow)
    • Dark Matter (Ingots): 60%/80%/100% → every 3/2/1 blocks mined (iron ore)
    • Dark Matter (Armor): 2%/3.5%/5% → every 30/25/20 blocks mined (iron ore)
    • Heroism: 17% → every 6 hits (melee/bow/tornado)
    • Spirit Gathering: 20%/40%/60% → every 4/3/2 blocks mined (iron ore)
    • Arcane Explosion: 14%/17%/20% → every 7/6/5 hits received (melee/bow)
    • Momentum: 15%/20%/25% → every 6/5/4 blocks mined (wood)
    • Call of the Blazes: 50%/75%/100% → every 3/2/1 players killed
    • Melting Core: 5%/7.5%/10% → every 14/12/10 hits (melee, bow counts as 2 hits)
      • Bow activations still give regeneration 2 and melee activations give regeneration 1.
    • Fossil Fuel: 80%/90%/100% → every 3/2/1 blocks mined (ore)
    • Valor: 8%/9%/10% → every 12/11/10 hits (melee/bow)
    • Resourcefulness: 80%/90%/100% → every 3/2/1 loot chests
    • Treasure Looter: 30%/40%/50% → every 6/4/2 players killed
      • In Deathmatch, each kill counts as 2 player kills.
    • Shortcut: 10%/20%/30% → every 5/4/3 blocks mined (shovel related)
    • Junk Food (Junk Cookies): 2.5% → every 75/50/25 blocks mined (dirt/sand/gravel)
    • Junk Food (Junk Pies): 2.5% → every 100/75/50 blocks mined (dirt/sand/gravel)
    • Junk Food (Apple Recycling): 20% → every 5 apples eaten (regular/golden)
    • Devour: 80%/90%/100% → every 3/2/1 steak eaten
    • Carnivore: 60%/80%/100% → every 3/2/1 players killed
    • Phoenix Tear: 50%/60%/70% → every 10/8/6 loot chests.
      • Potions are now in stacks of 3.
    • Looting: 30%/40%/50% → every 8/7/6 players killed
      • Potions are now in stacks of 2.
    • Ammo Bin: 30%/60%/90% → every 3/2/1 blocks mined (ore)
    • Winter Treasure (Snow): 5%/7.5%/10% → every 15/12/9 blocks minedWinter Treasure (Pumpkin): 3%/4%/5% → every 30/24/18 blocks mined


    Automatic Pickup
    We are introducing a new mechanic to the game that was requested by the community which works a lot like the telekinesis enchant from skyblock.
    • All blocks broken by a player will be automatically put into their inventory as long as they got enough inventory space, otherwise the item mined will be dropped on the ground.
    • The only block which does not follow this new system is diamond ore. Mining diamonds will still drop the diamond normally.
    As well as breaking blocks, this system works for any item obtained from a passive:
    • Any item obtained from a passive will be placed in the player's inventory. If the inventory is full then it is placed into the player's enderchest. If the enderchest is full too then it will drop on the ground.
      • Skeleton’s Efficiency (Excluding Diamonds)
      • Creeper’s TNT Mining
      • Enderman’s Enderblocks
      • Spider’s Iron Rush
      • Cow’s Ultra Pasteurized
      • Dreadlord’s Dark Matter
      • Shaman’s Spirit Gathering
      • Arcanist’s Arcane Mining / Arcane Beam
      • Golem’s Momentum
      • Pirate’s Treasure Looter
      • Moleman’s Junk Food
      • Werewolf’s Carnivore
      • Snowman’s Winter Treasure
      • Renegade’s Looting & Ammo Bin

    Quality Of Life Changes
    • New class selection UI!
    • Wheat will no longer drop seeds, instead seeds will be replanted automatically.
    • Poisonous potatoes are no longer obtainable from potato crops.
    • Revamped herobrine's alternative cosmetic ability since it caused hits to be blocked.
      Now this alternative ability does the old wrath sound effect of a pitched enderman scream.
    • Bows are removed from the loot chest item pool, and instead all kits now contain a bow.
    • Compass changes:
      • For a player whose wither is alive, the only time their compass should be able to track a player who’s wither isn’t alive is if that player is within their own base.
      • For a player whose wither is dead, they shouldn’t be able to track any other players who’s withers aren’t alive except their own team until all withers are dead.
    • The energy cooldown was made a bit shorter to reduce the amount of hits that give no energy.
    • Draws now work as intended. If a team doesn’t pass an earlier check (for example most finals kills from living players), it won't be considered for a later check (such as most fk/a from living players).
    Bug Fixes

    General Bugs

    • Passives which activate once your health is dropped below a certain value work properly now and account for armor, meaning that they won't activate while at higher health.
      • Creeper's Willpower
      • Squid's Rejuvenate
      • Pirate's Sea Legs
      • Pigman's Endurance
      • Phoenix's Resurrection
    • Fixed being able to open mid chests containing diamond swords as the game is starting.
    • Fixed the random kit option setting the skin of players to that of the random symbol throughout the entire game.
    Class Bugs
    • Fixed Enderman's Soul Charge not working after relogging.
    • Fixed Zombie's Berserk dealing more damage than it should have (now deals 75% on max correctly).
    • Fixed Creeper's Detonate countdown duration. It detonates after 3 seconds now.
    • Fixed Spiders not being able to leap near the edges of bases.
    • Fixed Cow's Bucket Barrier abstracting hits and sometimes the view of the player by moving them to be above the Cow rather than on his head.
    • Fixed Pigman's Valor activating for teammates when above 20HP.
    • Pirate's Spicy Matey sword now has 4 durability (which means 5 uses) instead of 0.
    • Hunter's Forces of Nature now correctly gives strength at max level rather than at level 2.
    • Fixed Phoenix's Resurrection being able to break protected blocks and bedrock.
    • Assassin no longer stays in his cloak ability once hitting a wither.
    • Snowman's Ice Bolts now diasppear upon hitting a block, no longer abstracting block placement.
    • Snowman's Blizzard no longer affects protected blocks such as burning furnaces.
    • Snowman's Blizzard now deactivates upon death.

    Due to the limited developer time we cannot give an estimate for the next patch, but we sure haven't forgotten about the MegaWalls community! We hope you enjoy these changes and you had a great start into 2020!
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    It's a mega walls update and mans still gotta talk about skyblock in some way LMAO
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  5. WOOO!
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  6. epic, I managed to read this thread and only then notice that it's so fresh xD I really like the chest % change, looks like a Bomberman mechanic.

    to anyone seeing this: I love you!
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  7. Woah you didn't update sb
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    gg its been time
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  10. If you break a block and your inventory is full, the block just vanishes. Instead of this, can you make it so blocks drop normally if your inventory is full?

    You can't read the compass either
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  11. Thank you :)

    Edit: I think it's worth mentioning a couple bugs, primarily the /nick feature glitching and showing the player's actual name in tab, and enderman not getting Regeneration with Ender Heart when they leave and rejoin a game.
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  12. i disagreed
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    Ok that's epic but unban my main now
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  16. When is phase 2?
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  17. HYPE
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  19. Fix the glitch when nicked players die, their original name shows in white in tab for 5 minutes, it also shows in white in the waiting lobby
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  20. lol they finally released that proposal

    Even though it's not fully released yet but yes hype why not

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