Want to see Notch Apple in VampireZ?

  1. Yes I want.

  2. No I do not want.

  3. I'm thinking, this is too cheaty.

  1. I mean add enchanted golden apple. If someone find this as too op stuff, my short answer is: On round 21, player can't purchase it. Player will have access to buy only 1 apple, after purchasing in shop (gold bar) will appear barrier with title: "You cannot buy this stuff anymore."
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  2. 1 is enough to have a god survive against 20 vamps for a long time
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  3. if it was added it would need to have lots of restrictions otherwise it would get abused by players. Like maybe 30 second delay after eating and a expensive price.
    Also didn't it used to be in VampireZ but it got abused too much so it was removed. I swear that I remember it being in the game.
  4. If player so smart to eat at the end of round 20 and they'll think that he will save his effects, my answer: after round 21 effects from egapples will dissappear, but then they'll have some troubles with another gapples (not enchanted).
  5. i dont really like this idea, as cool as it sounds.
    Last time i checked, god armor with resist I/II and regen III from notch apples can outheal the dps from vamp, it also have a long duration. Unless they nerfed the regen duration or make it regen II, it will be too powerful
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  6. the only way I can see this working is if they make the notch apple a lot weaker, to the point where it is only mildly better than a regular gapple
  7. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
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  8. can we get prot 4 diamond armour in the shop too? as you said, we could only purchase once so itd be obviously fair
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  9. Damn savage sarcasm
  10. The longer they survive the easier it is to break their armor. It's a downside to them.

    Well, unless they use it at round 21.
  11. people can survive the last 4 minutes with 30 vamps only with regen pots and resistance, I don't wanna imagine what a god apple would do for them
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  12. No they can't. lol
  13. I have x d just gotta play smart, and fyi if god apples were added veterans would abuse it like no tommorow
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  14. I don't think it's op enough
  15. Wtf ur making no sense youd rather die than have ur armour break?
  16. Perhaps this could be a good tier II loot chest item, it would be helpful to any player who found it even if they had already bought god armor and it could encourage map exploration and encourage loot chest hunting and would add to the value of an investment in the foresight perk. From what I have seen, it looks like the items have equal rarity (note items that spawn in different quantities are counted as a separate item for each quantity) so this would be about the right rarity for an item this powerful. Perhaps they could even make it a secret item that spawns super rarely (secret rare tier III item) in a loot chest ontop of the 3 tier I items and 1 tier II item if spawning as a tier II item was not rare enough. While it would grant the equivalent to temporary immunity to vampires and zombies as well as resistance and fire resistance it would be so rare that the effects would be balanced out.
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  17. Armor break = they die. They get killed either way.
  18. But without notch apple u die b4 armour break n have no chance sometimes , with notch apple u can actually have more of a chance n id rather my armour breaks n i die than if i just die anyways lmao. Sometimes ur armour wont even die tf r u making sense abt saying eating notch apple isn't that helpful
  19. In a game where your enemies can respawn they can easily just break your armor if you use a notch apple. Meaning you die anyways. Still helpful, but not overpowered.
  20. God armor doesn't break so fast, if not just buy a new one

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