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  1. Title - Guide.png
    Disclaimer: Zombies is still a new game. Things may change or be added, and I may have forgotten a few things. Tell me below if I got anything wrong

    So zombies was recently released, and it is starting to get more hype then murder mystery, and is becoming one of the most popular games. Even for its recent release, its not to late to make a guide on it. So I did, enjoy.

    General view of gameplay

    View on first person gameplay

    What is Zombies.png
    Zombies is a team survival game where you team up with 3 other players to stay alive for 30 rounds. Think of it as VampireZ and Blocking Dead. You fight through an abounded area, collecting coins by shooting zombies or fixing windows. You can use gold to get ammo, armour and to open new areas. Every 10 rounds there is a boss you need to defeat, with 3 bosses total.

    Starting - Guide.png
    When you start a game of Zombies, you will start with the following items:
    Hotbar Slot 1: Knife (Iron Sword)
    Hotbar Slot 2: Pistol (Wooden Hoe)
    Hotbar Slot 3: Empty Gun Slot (Replaced by another gun if you get another)

    Hotbar Slot 7: Empty Perk Slot (Filled with a perk once purchased)
    Hotbar Slot 8: Empty Perk Slot (Filled with a perk once purchased)
    Hotbar Slot 9: Empty Perk Slot (Filled with a perk once purchased)

    Status Effects

    Regen III (Permanent)
    Mining Fatigue (Permanent)

    Zombies come through windows that are scattered throughout the map, they break the wood to come and attack the players. Windows look like this, with zombies behind them.

    There's also new controls for the game. The controls are as followed:
    Right-Click to shoot
    Left-Click to reload
    Hold Shift to repair windows and revive teammates.
    Right-Click to use machines and weapon shops

    As well as guns and armor, you can get power-ups to assist you. There are 3 total power-ups.
    This power-up enables the entire team to one-hit any zombies (except bosses), with coins from shooting zombies go up. This power-up goes for 10 seconds
    This power-up re-stocks the ammo for all of your team's guns. Since this happens instantly, there's no timer for it.
    When active, this power-up doubles all the coins you obtain. This goes for a total of 30 seconds.

    Purchasable Items - Guide.png
    Throughout Zombies, there are many things that you can get with your gold (Obtained by fixing windows and killing zombies). These can range from guns, to armor, to new rooms.
    Guns - Guide.png
    I was able to get information on gun and ultimate stats from a weapon stats guide made by @ReallyMadHobo. Check out his guide HERE. Also thanks to @Philipinhors for some gun stats as well.
    (Descriptions are from the game)

    Pistol - Given by Default - Cost: N/A
    This is your starter gun. You're gonna want to upgrade this at some point, or may Notch save your soul
    Damage: 6 HP
    Ammo: 300
    Clip Ammo: 10
    Fire Rate: 0.5s
    Reload: 1.5s

    Shotgun - Found in: Office - Cost: 500 coins
    Shoots a barrage of bullets. Good for close range combat.
    Damage: 6.5 HP
    Ammo: 65
    Clip Ammo: 5
    Fire Rate: 1.4s
    Reload: 1.5s

    Rifle - Found in: Hotel - Cost: 500 coins
    Shoots at a faster rate than the Pistol.
    Damage: 4.0 HP
    Ammo: 256
    Clip Ammo: 32
    Fire Rate: 0.2s
    Reload: 1.5s

    Sniper - Found in: Apartments - Cost: 900 coins
    Deals high damage from long distances. Bullets can penetrate multiple enemies.
    Damage: 20 HP
    Ammo: 40
    Clip Ammo: 4
    Fire Rate: 1.0s
    Reload: 2.0s

    Rocket Launcher - Found in: Power Room - Cost: 900 coins
    Launches fire rockets that explode in impact.
    Damage: 20 HP
    Ammo: 20
    Clip Ammo: 4
    Fire Rate: 2.0s
    Reload: 3.0s
    Armor - Guide.png
    Leather Helmet and Tunic - Found in: Hotel - Cost: 150 coins
    Leather Leggings and Boots - Found in: Office - Cost: 100 coins
    Iron Leggings and Boots - Found in: Apartments - Cost: 700 coins
    Gold Helmet and Chestplate - Found in: Art Gallary - Cost: 500 coins
    Iron Chestplate and Helmet - Found in: Rooftop - Cost: 800 coins
    Perks - Zombies Guide.png
    Perks are items you can purchase that will help you while fighting zombies. You can only have up to 3 at a time, and will lose all of them if you die and not get revived. These items however, require the power switch to be on. (Power switch will be listed here to ;))
    Power Switch - Found in: Power Station - Cost: 1000 coins
    This is required to have been purchased if you want to get perks


    Quick Fire - Found: Apartments - Cost: 1000 coins
    This enables the player to fire shots more quicker

    Flame Bullets - Found in: Hotel - Cost: 750 coins

    These bullets make zombies catch on fire, dealing fire damage to them. They aren't as effective on fire zombies however.

    Frozen Bullets - Found in: Apartments - Cost: 1000 coins
    These bullets slow down zombies for a few seconds when they are hit by them.

    Extra Weapon Slot - Found in: Office - Cost: 1500 coins
    When purchased, you gain an extra weapon slot for another gun. When you die without getting revived, you lose the slot and the weapon.

    Speed - Found in: Art Gallary - Cost: 500 coins
    This gives you permanent speed one until you die and not get revived.

    Fast Revive - Found in: Alleyway - Cost: 500 coins
    When you have this on, you will be able to revive allies faster then usual.

    Extra Health - Found in: Rooftop - Cost: 1000 coins

    Extra Health gives you 5 more hearts, giving you 10 more health.
    (Screenshot coming soon)
    Rooms - Guide.png
    To access new guns, perks and machines, you must first buy access to rooms with gold. There are 7 areas total.
    Alleyway - Costs: N/A - Accessed from: N/A
    2017-07-07_16.41.21.png 2017-07-07_16.41.24.png 2017-07-07_16.41.28.png

    Office - Cost: 500 coins - Accessed from: Alleyway, Art Gallary
    2017-07-08_19.38.30.png 2017-07-08_19.38.37.png

    Art Gallary - Cost: 750 coins - Accessed from: Office, Power Room
    2017-07-09_08.59.51.png 2017-07-09_08.59.40.png 2017-07-09_08.59.36.png

    Hotel - Cost: 750 coins - Accessed from: Alleyway, Apartments
    2017-07-09_08.49.43.png 2017-07-09_08.50.24.png 2017-07-09_08.49.59.png

    Apartments - Cost: 750 coins - Accessed from: Hotel, Power Room
    2017-07-09_10.33.26.png 2017-07-09_10.33.21.png

    Power Room - Cost: 1000 coins - Accessed from: Art Gallary, Apartments
    2017-07-09_09.01.28.png 2017-07-09_09.01.15.png 2017-07-09_09.01.20.png

    Rooftop - Cost: 1250 coins - Accessed from: Power Room

    Screenshots coming soon

    Garden - Cost: 750 coins - Accessed from: Hotel

    Screenshots coming soon
    Weapon Chest - Guide.png
    As well as purchasing guns, you can also open the mystery chest to get another random one. Spinning a Weapon Chest costs 1000 coins each, and you will have 10 seconds to claim the gun. Claiming the gun will take or replace one of your gun slots. The guns you can get are as followed:

    Sprays fire on enemies. Less effective on fire zombies.
    Damage: 2.0 HP
    Ammo: 350
    Clip Ammo: 50
    Fire Rate: 0.1
    Reload: 3.0s

    Elder Gun
    Shoots a long beam that can penetrate multiple enemies, stunning them.
    Damage: 10 HP
    Ammo: 60
    Clip Ammo: 60
    Fire Rate: 1.0s
    Reload: 2.0s

    Zombie Soaker
    Deals bonus damage to fire zombies!
    Damage: 4 HP
    Ammo: 256
    Clip Ammo: 32
    Fire Rate: 0.3s
    Reload: 1.5s

    Blow Dart
    Shoots poisonous darts, briefly poisoning enemies and slowing any hit enemies!
    Damage: 10 HP
    Ammo: 100
    Clip Ammo: 10
    Fire Rate: 0.5s
    Reload: 3.0s

    These next 3 weapons were added during V.o2
    Gold Digger

    Zombie Zapper
    Machines - Guide.png
    In the garden and the rooftop, there are machines that can be used to buff and support your team, costing coins in the process. Power is required to activate both of these.
    Team Machine - Rooftop
    The Team Machine is located on the rooftop, near the Iron Helmet and Chestplate. It is used to support your team by buffing your team and killing zombies. There are 3 abilities that can be used from it.

    Ammo Supply - Cost: 1000 coins (Arrow)
    Gain max ammo for all of yours and your teammates' weapons.

    Full Revive - Cost: 2000 coins (Golden Apple)
    Revives all downed and dead teammates

    Dragon's Wrath - Cost: 3000 coins (Dragon Egg)
    Destroys all zombies in a 15 block radius after a short delay
    Ultimate Machine - Garden - Cost: 1500 coins (Per Weapon)
    The Ultimate Machine is found in the garden and is used to buff your guns. Each time you buff a gun it costs 1500 coins, and you must have the gun beforehand.
    Ultimate Pistol
    Damage: 6 HP
    Ammo: 300 -> 360
    Clip Ammo: 10 -> 12
    Fire Rate: 0.5s -> 0.4s
    Reload: 1.5s -> 1.0s

    Ultimate Shotgun
    Damage: 6.5 HP
    Ammo: 65 -> 80
    Clip Ammo: 5
    Fire Rate: 1.4s -> 1.0s
    Reload: 1.5s -> 1.0s

    Ultimate Rifle
    Damage: 4.0 HP -> 5.0 HP
    Ammo: 256 -> 280
    Clip Ammo: 32 -> 35
    Fire Rate: 0.2s
    Reload: 1.5s ->1.0s

    Ultimate Sniper
    Damage: 20 HP -> 30 HP
    Ammo: 40 -> 60
    Clip Ammo: 4 -> 5
    Fire Rate: 1.0s
    Reload: 2.0s -> 1.5s

    Ultimate Rocket Launcher
    Damage: 20 HP -> 25 HP
    Ammo: 20 -> 32
    Clip Ammo: 4
    Fire Rate: 2.0s -> 1.5s
    Reload; 3.0s -> 2.0s

    (Working on Ultimate Guns)

    Ultimate Flamethrower
    Damage: 2.0 HP
    Ammo: 350 -> 500
    Clip Ammo: 50
    Fire Rate: 0.1s
    Reload: 3.0s -> 1.8s
    That's everything you can spend with coins for now. Things may be added or changed, so this isn't permanent.

    Zombies - Guide.png
    With all the items you can purchase, you need to use those items to kill zombies. There are many different types of zombies, appearing in different waves with different abilities. Bosses will be listed separately.
    Special thanks to @BakfietsRijder for helping me with getting screenshots!
    Zombie - Wave 1
    Armor and weapons get stronger overtime
    Pig Zombie - Wave 2
    Faster and stronger then the normal zombie.
    Lil Bombie - Wave 3
    Smaller and faster then the normal zombie. Explodes on death, dealing damage any players near.
    Zombie Wolf - Wave 4
    Faster and has a smaller hit box then the normal zombie, but has less health.
    Empowered Zombie - Wave 5(?)
    Way stronger then the normal zombie.
    Fire Zombie - Wave 21
    Doesn't do as much damage as the basic zombie, but does fire damage. Flamethrower is less effective on this zombie, while zombie soaker is more effective.
    2017-07-09_11.05.22.png (Its hard to take screenshots of fire zombies lol)
    Magma Zombie - Wave 12
    A bit stronger then the normal zombie, spawns 3 magma cubes upon death. Flamethrower is less effective on this zombie, while zombie soaker is more effective
    Blaze - Wave 16
    Like a normal blaze, it shoots fireballs. However, it doesn't move towards the players. Flamethrower is less effective on this zombie, while zombie soaker is more effective.
    Blaze Screenshot.png
    Frozen Archer - Wave 21
    Shoots arrows towards the players.
    Frozen Archer Screenshot.png
    Silverfish - Wave 21
    Has a smaller hit box and has low attack and defence.

    Guardian Zombie - Wave 23
    Hits hard and has more attack and defence, and shoots a lazer in a similar way to the elder gun.
    Guardian Zombie.png
    Enderman Zombie - Wave 25
    more defence and less attack then normal zombies, but spawns and endermite on death

    (More zombies and Images are coming soon)
    Bombie - Wave 10
    Appears on wave 10. Spawns lil bombies and attacks the player with explosions.
    Inferno - Wave 20
    Appears on wave 20. This boss shoots fireballs and leaves a trail of fire behind it. Flamethrower is less effective on this zombie, while the zombie soaker is more effective.
    Inferno Screensho.PNG
    The Broodmother - Wave 30
    Appears on wave 30, the final wave. It is an elder guardian with golden armor. It does big melee damage, and occasionally fires lazers towards your entire team.

    Extras - Guide.png
    These are extra features in zombies.
    /hub - When done twice, it sends you back to the main lobby if you are in game
    /rejoin - If you are kicked or left a game by accident, you can type this to rejoin the game

    Please keep in mind that this guide is still a WIP, and things are subject to change, and new things may be added. Tell me if I missed anything, or if I should change anything.

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    Edit 1: Gun screenshots should be working!
    Edit 2: Working on adding information on zombies. Thanks @BakfietsRijder for helping me.
    Edit 3: Attached files have been removed

    Edit 4: Added all bosses and zombie types!
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  3. thank you so much for this forum post.
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  9. Great guide! I was gonna suggest things that you missed, but later in the guide it stated everything I was going to suggest. I don't think you missed anything really. Love it! You should add the thread link to your signature!
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  15. A very great guide! If you need some more screens of the zombies you don't have I'd be more than happy to help.
  16. That would be great, can you PM me any screenshots of zombies/enemies that aren't in yet? I'll also try to get screenshots as well.
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    for status effects,
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  20. Technically, alley can be unlocked if you go all the way around the hotel/office, and unlock it from the opposite building you started from. Ex: You go from hotel, go all the way to the power station, then go to gallery, office, and then buy alley from there.
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