1. Since we all know playing VampireZ all day is extremely unhealthy. A proper amount of exercise is needed in order to stay healthy to keep playing VampireZ. So I've come up with a workout plan based on the things that happen in a VampireZ game.

    1 Human death : 100 push-ups
    1 Vampire death: 10 push-ups
    1 Strength Potion: 10 pull-ups
    1 Golden apple: 50 sit-ups
    1 Potion of healing: 15 sit-ups
    Every Godset bought: 100 sit-ups
    Every Godsword bought: 200 air squats
    Every Lightsword bought: 150 air squats
    1 Combat log: 100 pull-ups, 250 push-ups, 500 sit-ups , and 1000 air squats.

    Every second casting strength book: exchange for the seconds doing wall-sits
    Every second casting healing book: exchange for the seconds doing planks

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  2. Gloom

    Gloom Well-Known Member

    TheNewTitans TITAN
    Finally my mom can proudly say "Video games are good for you"
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  3. thank you @BTWImSkilled , very cool
    good thing i don’t need to do 50 push up everytime i shout LATIAS at the end of a game when i’m praising the best pokemon
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  4. Guess I'm quitting this game.
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  5. Avinza

    Avinza Well-Known Member

    Perfect, Now I can run down the street and beat up those meanies by playing Minecraft
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  6. I might acutally try this out for one game
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  7. I think you mean latios, latias is just a sidekick.
  8. Ima try this time to become a bodybuilder from vz
  9. This is biased towards vamps!!!!!
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  10. Rip Tommy, who buys a couple of god sets n 64+ gapples per game
  11. I kinda thought this was serious, but then I saw the combat log stuff and realised this was all a meme ;(
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  12. I did see that this was to discourage logging, but like i was still taking the other things seriously, or at least not realising it was a joke
  13. You cant realistically complete the others within the time frame of one vampirez game
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  14. The only part that’s actually serious was the first one, 1 human deaths : 100 push-ups
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  15. I can’t wait to do hundreds of pushups! This is more motivation than my wellness class
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  16. this is amazing
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  17. You do it after the game.
  18. Actually no, you have to do it in game so if you die while doing push-ups, guess what ya got another 100. It’s a never ending cycle!
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  19. ya and i didn't have to do any yesterday cause I didn't lose :p
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  20. New addition
    Everytime afk kicked: 100 jumping jacks
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