1. For a long time on Hypixel, we've had an open Map Submission forum. Many great-looking maps have been submitted, but for a variety of reasons we haven't been able to review them. This is about to change.

    Starting on March 1st, we will be doing a one-time review process for Community maps. The best maps, as decided by ourselves and the community, will be added to the Hypixel Server. We will be reviewing the most popular maps for a specific range of games.

    Processing and adding community maps is a huge effort involving a lot of time from the team. It's actually easier for our builders to build new maps than it is to review, fix and integrate Community maps. But we want to do this to give you a chance to get your maps on the server!

    Due to the sheer number of maps submitted, we will only be able to add the very best maps for the specific gamemodes we allow. After we have reviewed and added the maps, we will not be accepting any future maps. We wanted to give you guys as much notice and time as possible to polish up and submit your maps before we review them. We hope this is a fair amount of time. :)

    We are really looking forward to adding some of your maps onto the server! If you're interested in submitting a map, please read through the questions below for more information.

    Q. What minigames are you accepting maps for?
    A. Due to the complexities of integrating maps into other minigames, we will only be reviewing map submissions for the following games:
    • SkyWars
    • Mini Walls
    • TNT Games
    • Smash Heroes
    • Mega Walls (we will only be reviewing already submitted maps for this gamemode)
    • Quakecraft (we will only be reviewing already submitted maps for this gamemode)
    • Warlords (we will only be reviewing already submitted maps for this gamemode)
    Q. How do I submit a Map?
    A. Maps will be submitted in the Map Submissions forum. Before submitting a map, you MUST read this Specifications post which includes all the extra information you need to properly submit a map. Any Map that doesn't follow the Specifications laid out in that post will unfortunately not be reviewed.

    Q. Why didn't you accept maps before?
    A. Creating a map for a Hypixel minigame involves a lot of very specific requirements. As well as being a great, well-designed and good-looking map, there are specific elements to our maps that need to be strictly included to make them work in-game. Because of this, it's much easier for our team, who know the processes, to make a new map rather than to review and integrate other people's maps.

    We decided as a team that we want to give people the chance to get their maps on the server, so during March we will be doing this extra work to integrate and add the very best maps.

    Q. When is the deadline for submitting my map?
    A. We will close Map submissions on March 1st. Any maps submitted after March 1st will not be reviewed.

    Q. How will you decide what maps to add?
    A. We will be closely reviewing and playtesting submitted maps to make sure they are a good fit for the specific minigame. We will also be looking at votes, popularity, and other feedback from you in the community. The very best and most popular working maps will be added.

    Q. When will the maps be added?
    A. This depends on how long each review takes and how many maps submissions there are. We will be working as hard as we can to review and add the very best maps as soon as possible.
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  2. I have no building skills, but I'm hyped anyway :)

    Gl everyone!

    First heck yas
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  3. 1ST PAGE, also pretty cool.
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  4. Sweet! Can't wait to see what the community will come up with! Great idea!
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  5. rip arches
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  6. Ryast

    Ryast Well-Known Member

    Will this happen every now and then? EG: every 6 months?
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  7. Woohoo!
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  8. we WILL be reviewing Arches xD
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  9. AssassinJoy25

    AssassinJoy25 Well-Known Member

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  10. Why not for paintball?
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  11. 1st page
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  12. #12
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  13. BobertBear

    BobertBear Well-Known Member

    Good luck everyone!
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  15. Good luck I guess x)
    @Edragorn you were right! Get to polishing your maaaaap! We want to play on it :cool:
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  16. inb4 all the add arche-
    oh wait
    Nevermind :p
    That aside, really looking forward to seeing what people come up with!
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  17. DMAsriel

    DMAsriel Well-Known Member

  18. Hey, what about Bedwars maps? Is this game too new for community submissions? Because I think those maps would allow for a ton of creativity.
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  19. brandon048

    brandon048 Well-Known Member


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