My brother and I are very fond of building in MC, so this was a great opportunity for us. We already posted a bedwars map idea/concept about a month ago, but sadly, bedwars isn't open for map submissions. So, we made a CTW map.
    the map is loosely based on a cathedral we built recently, and we are very happy with the result. And so, I present to you the map "Cathedral" by OperaGhost2004 and ModernMozartMC.


    Unbreakable areas are outlined in green in the second imgur album. Also, the bottom layer of the map should also be unbreakable.


    - OperaGhost2004 & ModernMozartMC
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  2. the layout is gorgeous and seems very fitting for a ctw map. it doesnt look too big and the wool rooms seem open and good for double capping. maybe block them up a bit more though. the only problem I have with this is that it seems a little bland. do you mind if I open up a conversation with you to talk about this further because I do believe this has some potential.
  3. FunMiner8

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    not hypixel's style they probably won't add it Great build though ;)
  4. what do you mean by "Not Hypixel's style"?
  5. FunMiner8

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    Hypixel doesn't go for the Just stone theme I don't think anybody should like JUST STONE themes also the cross ain't working either Not that the cross doesn't fit what the build is based off of but it just is too big and kind of an eye sore for a CTW map
  6. nice punctuation. you must be out of breath.
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    Don't worry about FunMiner. He's a bit negative lol
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  8. Good Build, I really like it.
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  10. Some people have said that the cross was too big, so we made it smaller

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  11. Love it totally an amazing concept and design!
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  12. <o/

    4 AM edit: sorry for the cringe, this is what happens at 2 AM on no sleep
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  13. Wow! It looks pretty epic. However, just my opinion, it looks too overly detailed. Maybe tone it down a bit?
    Also, you should add a bit more decoration and obstructions. The pathways do look a bit bland.
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  14. it's overly detailed and it needs more decorations? :thonk: (but seriously though, thanks for the feedback. it means a lot. :))
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  15. Eh... I meant that the pathways need deco
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  16. For those who haven't seen this, any feedback is welcome
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    Rail 101
    if hypixel does not add this they are literally throwing

    add some more color here and there though, don't want a completely gray map
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  18. As much as I love stone brick to death, I'll have to agree with some of the others here:

    1. I think the only detail that could be added without being too obtrusive is on the floor. Simply put, a solid, grey floor isn't the prettiest of designs for a floor. Other than that, I think the amount of detail is fine.

    In addition, could you add:

    the distances between the side islands and the 2 opposing sides
    the y-dimensions of the map, and how high we can build

    Other than that, the map looks promising and I hope to see it on the server; I especially like the wool rooms!
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  19. Yeah, the only problem with moving the islands farther apart is that neither of us has a PC that can handle large WorldEdit commands
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