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  1. Hey guys, I'm ArxCitadel!

    Today I present you another one of my maps. This one is called
    Everest! It is based on the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Link: https://imgur.com/a/TYKNm4m

    Thanks everyone!


    Tags: @Veritii
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  2. seems cool
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  3. what?
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  4. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    Outcast CAST
    That made me laugh harder than it should've done...
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  5. So do you like it?
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  6. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    Outcast CAST
    Ya, I laughed at the guy who said it was cool
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  7. it looks like tundra and treehouse combined. eh its better than coconut so cool
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  8. switchedAccounts

    switchedAccounts Active Member

    looks like treehouse winter edition
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  9. Do you like it?
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  10. I can't

    It's better than geometric or whatever that was but this one is just so...... cubical

    the mountain is like an exact circle or whatever, looks more like a stone cake with frosting

    A normal mountain looks something like this:
    please give it a peak

    why is there a castle inside a mountain

    use some block variation on the actual mountain, clay or other such things would help combined with a gradient ball

    Stone template: diorite andesite stone and snow work really well in a mountain

    use some block variation on the snow, ice, perhaps to accent the entrances or other areas?
    I.E. https://imgur.com/a/ZQizCJ2

    The flag is a perfectly perpendicular thingy or whatever with a wool blob attatched, why not just make a.... normal flag.
    The side entrance is a bit..... long and doesn't quite work out since it all stems from the bridge, but a few other maps suffer the same issue.

    could use tweaking but better than before
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  11. o dear
    If I add a peak, there won't be flat ground to spawn on ;)
    Also, if the mountain is not even on both sides, it will be unbalanced, which doesn't make a good bridge map.
    LOL it's supposed to be hollowed out, it's not a castle
    Ice is annoying, would make people mad
    Also, you didn't notice that there is a lot of block variation on the stone
    It's a special type of flag that you don't know about (the same type of flag is on the map Tundra)
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  12. Ah great another flamewar

    Lets get going

    1. If the player spawns up there, it's going to be annoying to get down considering there's a pile of snow in front making it so you need to jump off the side

    You can also still peak it, make it taller as long as you keep a spawning platform, off the side of the mountain, or on top if you really want to

    2. You can keep the mountain unbalanced... on both sides. Revolutionary

    3. If it's just meant to be hollowed out, why are there carpets, lighting, chandeliers, etc. etc. I didn't know the insides of a mountain provided a fully furnished building. I mean a cave or something would probably make more sense to fit the theme


    Ice can be used.. along with glass or literally anything without it being annoying. I'm not sure if the sight of ice annoys players much so I'm confused on why Ice would be annoying.

    4. Block variation on the stone? The mountain only has stone. I'm confused lmao

    I don't know if it's just me but I only see snow. Unfortunate
    5. I know what the flags meant to be. I'm just saying your version looks pretty bad. Compare tundra to yours
    upload_2018-6-10_17-27-24.png upload_2018-6-10_17-43-12.png

    Don't you dare tell me yours is better looking... Bonus: here's a random flag I built in 3 seconds that still makes more logical sense as a flag than yours...

    Heck I could probably build a better version of this map

    Why are you so vehemently opposed to any backlash or criticism against your builds?
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  13. Cool map, but the mountain doesn't look natural at all. It just looks like a temple with snow on it.
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  14. Ummm..... I hate to say this (I Actually don't), and despite my username being Sarcastic_pile_of_flesh, this is NOT sarcasm, when I say: This is garbage. I don't want to be rude (I Very much do), but i'll try to refrain and provide constructive criticism.

    1. The mountain itself: The mountain itself is tiny. It's blocky and Cuboid. I get that it's smaller than any actual, serious, builder would make a mountain in an adventure map, but I digress on that issue for now. This is where a very important principle of scale comes in. In something like Bridge, where you need smaller structures, scaling things down is important to make these builds viable as a map. Except, you seem to have NO concept WHATSOEVER of scale. When you scale something down, you need to keep the same shape. You do not do this, at all. I'm not trying to be rude, i'm stating the facts, and providing criticism to help you. keep this in mind, i did not get better at building while in the mindset that constructive criticism is just an attack. to get better, everyone has to swallow a bit of their pride. Hand terraining requires their to be shape in order for it to look good. Everything does. If you've ever learned egyptian history, you might know the pyramids evolved from "step-pyramids". The mountain looks shockingly like those step pyramids. it is essentially a blocky pyramid made of stone with snow. I see no reason for it to be called "Everest" because everest does not have 90 degree straight angles in the middle of the mountains, and you have admitted that it's modeled off everest. The terrain job on the mountain is terrible. Watch some tutorials. In summary: Add shape, change size, and actually start learning.

    2. The castle. Why. on. earth. is there a castle?! or, "Castle". There's just some floors all over the place on the mountain's inside. Why? Why is it there? There's no reason. My hobbies include game design (I am, in fact, in a short list of hires for an international videogame company), so thinking about it from a gameplay point of view, it makes no sense. If this is a terrain based map - make the terrain matter gameplay wise. Instead of having the "castle" or whatever you call it, use the TERRAIN as a gameplay point. have ledges, overhangs and caves to change up gameplay. The map should be just as much a gameplay mechanic as walking, combat, healing or anything else. Ok, i'm mostly here to give constructive criticism on the build. So, back on topic. From a builder's eyes, this is terrible. Let's star with what's easiest. The flag. The flag is flat and untextured. Add some depth to it. Second, the colors. Dark oak is too dark, use spruce instead, with oak mixed in for texturing. It looks generally flat and too smooth, a little plastic-y if that makes sense. It looks over smoothed. change it up and rough it up. walls have the same problem. Too smooth and untextured, it looks bad. If you don't know how to texture, just add similar colored blocks, and randomly add them in.

    That's it. (It's not theres so much more material thats so great) But that will be the content deputy to my content cop on this.
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  15. screelium

    screelium New Member

    Generally for this build, my opinion is that
    it's OK. It's bad in a few ways, it's good in a few ways.

    I want to start with what you did worse and then say what you did better.

    The biggest mistake you did for this build in my opinion is that you based it off of Mt. Everest. This build doesn't even resemble Mt. Everest, and that is mostly why some people have criticised you. If you wanted it to resemble Mt. Everest you would have to change the height of the mountain and give it a peak so it looked like a real mountain.

    This "mountain" looks like a big rock or a boulder with a house in it. Anyone can see that the mountain raises so smoothly – too smoothly for it to look like a proper mountain. A mountain starts with a hill-like raise and then gets sharper and steeper. In our build, there's no hill-like raise and the sharpness increases so slowly.

    Another thing I didn't like is how you left the textures so bland. The stone for the mountain really could use some cobblestone and andesite so that it looked varied, and maybe coal and iron that comes out, even ice or packed ice so it fits the snowy theme. The same is for the inside castle, the stone brick is too populated compared to the cracked bricks and there's no mossy bricks I can see. This might feel like nothing to you but it does change how the mountain looks. Again, same with snow . It doesn't have to be snow on top of every block on the mountain. Put different heights of snow like chaos instead of having a smoother layers of snow, and delete snow from some blocks on the mountain to give more of the different height system.

    The flag. That flag does not fit with the map at all. I'd say throw those flags to the bin and create more designs of a flag to put on the map. For example, you can hang a flag from the mountain top to the "castle" entrance, you can make street pole kind of things next to the entrance and put flags on them, you can carve a hole in the mountain and make a big circle with red and blue wool. I'm sure anyone can find a cool banner and flag design, regardless of their skill in building. You can copy and try every one of your designs for your map. It's really helpful.

    Before I get to the things I liked, I want to point out that the bridge just cuts off when it touches the island. You should extend the terracotta so it also touches the bottom parts of the islands.

    This is a good map idea and/or concept. It'd be fun to have a map that has mountains and some kind of palace inside it. I disagree about having a cave instead of a castle/palace/building because why would such a small scaled mountain have a big cave? But I suggest that you add more detail in it because it looks a little empty.

    I like the way you complimented the hole with those carpets and terracotta. It's a very nice detail to add to the interior of the mountain. I also like the depth in the hole, it's not just red or blue wool when you're scoring (or dying). It really gives more fascination to the map.

    I won't put a TL;DR because if you want to get better you need to read the whole thing.
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  16. this made me laugh out loud
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  17. This made me laugh out loud too...

    The way you shut him down motivates me to go to school and learn English.
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  18. map submission clos
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  19. He doesn't shut me down, I just ignore him because he wastes my time.
    Also, I would agree that you should learn English. Based on how you talk, I think you need it.
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  20. Hey! No need to be rude! I wasn’t trying to insult you. Learning English was a joke, believe me, I am very articulate.

    But why are you ignoring @Meric ?
    I think his points are very valid and should not be ignored. However, I still like your map, I just thought the analogies @Meric used were funny, that’s all.
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