1. Gratouille4

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    This tower defence is a great game, I would like to play it all the time, but the only problem is my wifi is bad, and all the armor stands make me lag a lot, you can't understand my lag it's impossible to play!
    Please remove the armor stands, as they lag the low FPS players AND the low wifi players ( otherwise hypixel gets pay to win I guess )

    EDIT : I tried versions like 1.8 and 1.13 both lag
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  2. For later on in the game, when you don't need to place anymore towers, if you fly away from the battlefield it will greatly reduce the lag.
  3. _DVS

    _DVS New Member

    Logitech XD
    I would really like to second this post.

    With the new update, there are WAY too many nametags popping on screen at any given point and I will elaborate (This is excluding particle effect from shots, slows, fire, heal, teleport etc.)

    Player's Name (Person who sent) + Health count
    Death Gold (Given to killing team)
    Income Gold (Given to killing team)
    Misses (Caused by Squid)
    Absorbed (Caused by Ghast/Death Rider) =Shows on EVERY monster that it affects EVERY single time it affects it=

    I am not dissing the amount of information given as it is really useful to know when playing, but it causes a huge amount of things to show up of screen especially with pushes. I understand that the makers of the game are trying to make its game easy to understand what is happening and I don't think that it should be removed, just tweaked some way, or give players the ability to have a Settings option for Tower Wars.
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  4. Me too. It happens a lot.
    I agree too.
  5. I've a shitty laptop and with optifine and reduced particles I basically experience no lag.
  6. Maybe an option can be added that lets you select which stats pop out/make certain things say in chat instead of popping out?
  7. I would recommend doing /pq low ( I believe this is the command but just doing /pq should list the options. This will lower your partical quality on the server, greatly reducing the amount in many games and is a must if the particals are causing issues
  8. Likaos

    Likaos Administrator

    We reduced the number of particles in 0.3.1
    The next maps will have more space between the plots and will help a lot too, and if we have the time, we'll remake this one too.
  9. Gratouille4

    Gratouille4 New Member

    Thank you very much!

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