1. Right now sumo is way to easy to grind. Games take up to 10 seconds and people just grind it all day long to pile a insane amount of wins. Most of the people on the all time wins play sumo (correct me if I’m wrong). Plus it probably takes the least skill out of any duels mode. 80% of the people either cheat or have ludicrously high ping. It’s literally just hitting people off a platform (I know there are strategy’s involved but still). Also this would prevent people from losing a win streak from a few lucky hits. I really don’t see any reason for this not to happen.
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  2. OldAccountJolt

    OldAccountJolt Active Member

    eh, yes and no.

    yes people can grind wins, but people also grind wins in other games.

    no, it does involve strategy, timing (shift), aim.
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  3. No, sumo cheaters make it hard enough, you're not thinking about the 20% of people who have <100ms and are legit
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  4. How would this make it harder?
  5. Zyluki

    Zyluki Active Member

    Exonerate EXON
    no, bow duels is master game
  6. it's already really hard to grind wins due to the cheaters\
    making it slower makes it harder
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  7. Main reason why this should definitely be implemented IMO ^^^^.
    This would make it much easier to beat them. Usually, people with high ping win off of a few lucky hits, like Slippery said.
    No, making it slower makes it more balanced.
  8. it's already really slow due to the cheaters ,-,
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  9. No, matches take like about 10 seconds. The average UHC game takes about 25-30.
  10. Only 3 of the top 10
  11. Well out of 19 game modes still a lot.
  12. as the best sumo player in the universe. I say this is a terrible idea. I would expect no less from a kid that camps with baseball in sw duels. just delete the post chief.
  13. But, your highness, this would make grinding a lot more balanced. People wouldn't be able to win a game in 5 seconds.
  14. Yes, that is true. But if you ask me, I think sumo should be removed as a whole.
  15. With all due respect, your majesty, didn't you create sumo? Why would you want to remove it?
  16. It is true, I did create sumo along with all that exists. It has come to my attention that sumo is just filled with cheaters and I can't have that. The only option is to delete hypixel.
  17. The divine being has spoken GG
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  18. The all powerfull creater has spoken. We must fufill his wishes immediately!
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  19. Muted yet? Also baseball player got removed.
  20. thank god (Me)

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