1. Then I could play this game for this first time in like a year... :(
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  2. there prob not even gonna remember it exists ):
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  3. +1, I don't even have MVP++ I just want someone to be able to play
    *edit I now do have MVP++ so this benefits me
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  4. If it does get added, I will invited everyone who agreed to a private skyclash party :D
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  5. euphoghit

    euphoghit Well-Known Member

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    Cool idea! But I think it won't happen because it's a dead gamemode (unfortunately). It still has signs, and games rarely get full, so there won't be any reason for the bored Hypixel Staff members to make private games for SkyClash.
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  6. Well, it could at least say a message that It won't work, and keep in mind private games are still in beta. There's a dead server where players can make private servers, it works with every game (even the unreleased ones) so I don't see why Hypixel couldn't do this.
  7. nice idea sir
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  8. Vocabword

    Vocabword Member

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  9. Yes! This is needed!
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  10. Hypickle inplement this alrdy :cool:

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