1. Its hard to have good stats when everygame of bedwars someone is hacking
  2. What is your argument? Storm didnt kick one specific cheater from their guild (even though we always kick boosters or cheaters from our guild once we find out). Therefore its OK to keep a booster in your guild?

    I'm just using exactly what you said, what's going on in Storm applies to Blood as well, at least in 02ps case. I'm aware he is kicked, but the fact that if you all voted, he would get back in is sufficient proof that people want certain players in their guild, even if they do boost or hack. Regardless of whether Vaxr is hacking or not, Storm members want him in the guild. We wouldn't kick him for possibly hacking a long time ago, especially when everyone wants him in the guild now.
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    /g leave ;)

    Sounds like your guild is extremely toxic. I'm not really in a position to make suggestions for you, but if you can find a guild with good players that respect you, you'll have no problem getting into parties.
  4. That was not my argument, I said, if the members of The Bloodlust would be able to vote like they are usually, we would've voted no to 02p. Unfortunately, our officers think so otherwise. Your guild is fully aware both Vaxr and Radicul are cheating. You're just making excuses saying you don't. The moment someone from your guild gets banned they should immediately be kicked from the guild. There's no way to know if someone in your guild is cheating if you don't do anything. Someone could make an expose video of Vaxr using hitboxes and your officers would still call him legit.
    Storm should never even set up a vote for a cheater/booster to get into your guild.
  5. almost our entire guild thinks it's NOT okay for him to be in our guild, if we would be able to choose we would've kicked him already. You can't blame a far-left individual for trump being elected. They didn't vote for them to become elected.
  6. "Your guild is fully aware that vax and rad are cheating"
    Well I can say that I'm not fully aware, if you read a few of my responses to monster I said I really wasnt sure if they are cheating. Nonetheless I'm pretty sure rads ban was false. I would say a lot more but I gtg to school, I'll say more when I get back
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    SwFTW SW
    why id be happy to have 2 fkdr
  8. you're actually fucking hilarious
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  9. okay so first off, i've never cheated lmao. my first ban was a watchdog ban, which was false, and i was unbanned the next day.

    my second ban wasn't for hacking. i was playing with sm1 named xayvertonix at the time, and they got banned at the same time i did. check the last time they were online, november 7, which 3 months after that is feb 7 when i got unbanned. the ban was apparently for unfair game advantages, which usually means macros as i'm sure you'd know? strange that.
  10. okay youll call me a noob or shit but same i got an fkdr of like 2 but in reality over the last month or so ive really been getting an fkdr of like 10
  11. hey rad don't be rude please. I do not want storm to look bad cause you're cussing at people who think you're hacking. Just defend yourself respectfully.
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    Your choice to make a new account. If you do believe that your stats are destroyed beyond repair, then go ahead and main the alt.

    Essentially, it's your choice.
  13. Whenever someone get's banned you should assume they were cheating unless a moderator accepts their appeal. You can't just take everybody's word when they say they got false banned, almost all closet cheaters do so. It's ridiculous to believe anyone saying they were false banned if they don't have conformation by staff.

    Like LelItzPanda and MonsterGG, as much as they seem like nice fellars, you can't just believe they were false banned without any proof from the staff team. It's very suspicious LelItzPanda told people he got banned for using stats-mod, while Hypixel himself said no-one's ever gotten banned for using that mod. Then recently they claim they got banned for using chat macro's which even gamerboy80 has used on stream and got no problems for. Why are chat-macro's like autotip and autogg not bannable but leave and rejoing macro's are? Doesn't autotip technically also give an advantage for getting perfectly timed free experience without having to do anything?

    It's hard to know when someone has really been false banned or is just lying about it but in my opinion, it's best to just assume they're cheating until there's conformation from staff that they weren't. Because the chance they were really banned for cheating is miles higher than the possibility of them being false-banned.
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  14. isn't it more sensible to wait for photographic/video evidence that the player was cheating before just denying all chances of a false ban?
  15. If you feel like your being ignored in Storm feel free to leave. Don’t go onto the fourms claiming we ignore you while in reality there’s been tons of people asking 1/2,3/4,2/3 etc.
  16. You got to ask them that, i got no idea, im not in their guild lol
  17. How dont you know?? they have both been banned for hacks, Vaxr was blatant and this was Radicul 2nd ban, so pretty obvious they were cheating
  18. If you were unbanned the day after getting banned, they would have cleared the ban off your history, and the recent ban u got, would have just been for a month. Even if you werent hacking, you boosted with a hacker, since he got banned for hacking. unfair game advantage ban isnt just macros lol, my ban reason didnt match my ban at all
  19. Well i got no proof on LelItzPanda's ban, but mine was 100% chat macros and ill show some evidences from an admin
  20. How can staff even detect chat macros?

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