1. So yeah, i screwed up my stats. Not as badly as some of you might have, but still.....

    6 fkdr is irrelevent, lets be honest, its not bad but its nothing impressive.
    Not just that but i stocked up 1200 final deaths, 800 of which happened between 1 and 100 stars.

    I decided i might make a new account because i'd probs be more relevent and actually be able to find pts more often. Despite being 290 stars and 6 fkdr, all the high stars with actually decent fkdr ignore me.

    Perhaps i might be more relevent and it might help in the long run if i restarted?

    I already made a new acc, its 25 stars and 18 fkdr not sure if it should become my new main....
  2. why throw away all of you time spent on this account to get slightly better stats on a block game wtf
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  3. LegitLinus

    LegitLinus Well-Known Member

    1. What about talking normally...
    2. You're in storm, you can just play with decent players in your guild.
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  4. A 6fkdr on a main is above decent
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  5. :eek:
  6. You'd be shocked how much my own guild ignores me....
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  7. ^
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  8. LegitLinus

    LegitLinus Well-Known Member

    That's sad :(
  9. at least use the exponent symbol jesus christ
  10. Stats aren't the point....
    The point is that i cant find pts bc idk i guess everyone turns me away because my fkdr isn't godly. My thinking is if i actually have good stats i'd be able to find pts to play with easier
  11. It's more fun carrying nons than being cast out in decent parties, trust me
  12. then work on fixing ur current stats.
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  13. Theres a limit to how much you can fix stats in certain period of time.

    Eg if i want to bring my mains fkdr to that of my alt i'd require over 13000 finals without taking a single final death
  14. eh, what evs,
    Its better off trying then buying a new account just to get betters stats
  15. geez
    Well at least keep grinding stars.
    You're in top 1k, and with the amount of ppl quitting, you can easily get to top 500 at your rate.
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  16. jpleb

    jpleb Well-Known Member

  17. it shouldn't be that hard to get a party, people say 1/3, 2/3, etc. in guild chat all the time!
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  18. Beckyy

    Beckyy Active Member

    Enigmata ENIGMA
    Word, storm is shit (I was in it and left)
  19. And Hypixel Unknowns is better?
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  20. I don't see a silver badge under Hypixel Unknowns :p

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