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  1. Earlier the other day, I jokingly called skywars "autism". I understand that that isn't a funny joke to some people, so I got muted. The thing I don't get is that the rules said that you can not discriminate a person/group of people. So is skywars a person now? I take full responsibility for what I said, I just completely misunderstood one of the server rules. I made an appeal and it got denied (what a shocker). I would just like to ask if the rules were more specific.
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  2. Other players may think that you called them autism.

    The rules said "Discrimination - negative comments related to skin colour, gender, or other personal qualities."
  3. AllyMcC

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    It's discriminatory against those who have autism by using it as an insult or with a negative connotation. Just don't say dumb things like that and you won't have to worry about being muted lol.
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    Yeah it should be more clear but it’s still obvious that you shouldn’t have said that
  5. Saying that word in general is insulting because you are making fun of all people with a disease. Those poor people don’t deserve to be made fun of and shouldn’t be used as a joke
  6. The rules are quite specific as is. If rules are just to be nit-picked, like you do here, making them even more specific would allow for extremely easy bypasses.
    You shouldn't be using autism as an insult at all, it's just unnecessary edgy behavior. I also checked the report and there was filter bypass as well which contributed to your punishment.

    For the future, you should read the rules and apply them generally to your experience. If what you are about to send may be offensive or discriminatory, you probably shouldn't send it.
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