1. So, if you don't know, there are 2 official "head hunts" in the Main Lobby.
    Thanks @9aolmTag who helped me finding these.

    You have to find out :
    5 @Hypixel heads
    5 @Rezzus heads
    5 @PxlPanda heads
    5 @AgentK heads
    5 @codename_B heads
    5 @Cryptkeeper heads
    5 heads
    5 @mooTV heads
    5 @Zumulus heads
    10 Groopo heads.

    For a total of 55 heads to find !

    Here are the spots we could find, me and my friend 9aolmTag

    I won't tell the cooords of these heads, just send some screenshots so you can find them easily but not with precision.
    Hypixel 1.png Hypixel 2.png Hypixel 3.png
    Rezzus 1.png Rezzus 2.png Rezzus 3.png
    PxlPanda 1.png PxlPanda 2.png PxlPanda 3.png PxlPanda 4.png
    AgentK 1.png AgentK 2.png
    Codename_B 1.png Codename_B 2.png Codename_B 3.png
    Cryptkeeper 1.png Cryptkeeper 2.png Cryptkeeper 3.png
    Unknown 1.png Unknown 2.png Unknown 3.png Unknown 4.png
    MooTV 1.png MooTV 2.png MooTV 3.png
    Zumulus 1.png Zumulus 2.png Zumulus 3.png Zumulus 4.png
    Groopo 1.png Groopo 2.png Groopo 3.png Groopo 4.png Groopo 5.png Groopo 6.png Groopo 7.png Groopo 8.png

    Bonus 1.png

    It's not completed yet.
    If you found another one, please send it with a screenshot (no cloak and particle pack please) using Groopo hat if it's a Groopo head ;) You will get credits.

    Bye ! :D


    Credits !

    - 9aolmTag
    - Mfalcon78
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  2. Echks

    Echks Well-Known Member

  3. Nice! Hope you have a good time and hope everything goes well with it!
  4. Davu

    Davu Well-Known Member

    hmm. cool
  5. Added one new head to MooTV's spoiler. o/

    Here are the current stats :

    Hypixel : 3/5
    Rezzus : 3/5
    PxlPanda : 4/5
    AgentK : 2/5
    Codename_B : 3/5
    Cryptkeeper : 3/5
    Don'tknowhisName : 4/5
    MooTV : 3/5
    Zumulus : 4/5
    Groopo : 8/10

    Total : 38/55
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