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  1. Hey hey!
    I made a simple web app to track the magma boss spawns and time the next spawn based on the current 2h interval and the different events leading up to the boss.


    You simply click the buttons below the countdown whenever one of the events or a spawn occurs, and the timer will update for everyone else who's also waiting for a spawn.

    Hope this is useful and please don't abuse :3
    Feedback is also welcome!

    • Changed how events are tracked to better support confirmations from different users and combat abusers
    • Added an option to show notifications -> can be enabled in the top-right info menu (currently only for 10mins, might add more intervals if you guys would like that :))
    • Adjusted the delay between music playing to 2mins instead of 5
    • Added an option for a five minute notification
    • Started working on a Forge mod to automatically track the events and show the timer ingame
    • Now also tracks the death of the magma boss, since that seems to start the 2 hour timer for the next spawn
    • Added some more measures to hopefully combat abusers (*sigh*)
    • Rewrite of the backend in NodeJS (previously PHP) to keep up with the insane amount of users this thing now has!
    • Some changes to the database structure
    • Switched the v3 (invisible) reCaptcha to v2 ("I'm not a robot") and added it as a separate confirmation step to make accidental submissions less likely and also to make spamming for abusers less fun!
    • SkyblockAddons (1.2.0+) now queries the API for the boss estimate & tracks wave events
    • Made some changes to the estimate calculation to get a more accurate time after the waves spawned
    • Added push notification support (sends a reminder even if the site isn't open)
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2019
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  2. Super helpful except for the fact that there's literally zero chance this won't be abused by people resetting it every five minutes

    Edit: If you could require like 3-5 separate entries from different IPs somehow that might solve the problem
    EG 3 people click "Blaze wave just spawned" within a ten second window, it updates the timer
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  3. Really nice idea, but maybe make something so that you need multiple time steps by different browsers to set a new time (abuse is already happening I think)
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  4. Had no idea what the buttons did and just accidently clicked one lmao.

    Guess i'm the first griefer >.<
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  5. So much for "please don't abuse", lol!
    I'll add some stuff to make sure it's a bit harder to add random data. I really don't wanna put it behind a login, since that'll slow down how quick you can react to events ingame, but I'll work something out :)
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  6. Do you have a discord we could talk at? I have ideas lol.
  7. reeeee abusers
  8. Literally spawned 5s before I opened the link
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  9. #9
  10. It’s amazing, except for the few people who want to grief and ruin people’s days.

    EDIT: just realized that your username is literally “inventivetalent”. Username checks out.
  11. Alrighty. It now prevents the same IP from spamming the site with invalid data and it requires multiple users to confirm events & spawns before updating globally. Hopefully that helps with abusers! :rolleyes:
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  12. Excellent idea. Just wondering, what are you using to code/run this?

    Edit: ah shoot, you work on hytale, that makes sense.
  13. This is helpful. I don't think people have abused that recently... My Idea is for like 3-10 people from different Ips must click the same button in a certain time frame e.g. 10 seconds. this will greatly reduce the chances of the data being messed up from abuse

    oh wow, you just did that XP
  14. Most of it is done in PHP, you can find it here: https://github.com/InventivetalentDev/HypixelMagmaBossTimer

    And I don't work on Hytale, actually (though that would be awesome! :p)
    I have been active in in Minecraft related stuff for a while though.
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  15. Nevi

    Nevi Active Member

    Thank yoouuuu
  16. Yhac

    Yhac Active Member

    Flexing Chimps FC
    Can still get botted, but if anyone bothers to put this much effort just to annoy others, he's simply a bitch
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  17. A server reboot just happened in the server I was in idk if this affected all servers
  18. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Elite Member
    I'll be sure to use this
  19. Doesn't look like it, blaze spawn just happened on schedule.
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  20. ok just didn't know if reboots caused it to change

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