1. Had a great first day hanging out with the guild!
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  2. LitFqm

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    :D :)
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  3. UQ2


    UQ2 Active Member

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    Hopefully I get accepted :D
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  4. Good luck with the guild, looks amazing!
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  5. Can't wait to see new faces in the guild!
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  6. I don’t really know you but good luck with the guild anyways!
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  7. -= x Weekly Update: 2nd July, 2018 x =-

    Another week has gone by in Magic Minemen, and it's been a very exciting one! We've been continuing to grow as a guild and watching it all happen has been a really great experience :)

    First of all, this past week we welcomed new members @Only_, @SirTophamHat, @Anchis420, @TheDarkJlord, @Dream, @Jet711, @dannyjayes1, @GamingWithAxel, and @Elinuuhh! They have all been wonderful so far and we're glad to have them join us.

    Over the weekend, we had a big guild party where we cycled through a ton of games on the network! Although a small and simple event, our members still made the most of it and it was a ton of fun :D As the weeks progress we will get into more thorough events, so keep an ear out for that!

    Lastly, our own officer @Jenus_ got promoted to Helper over the weekend! If you see him around, be sure to congratulate him! :D

    That does it for this weekly update, thank you for reading and enjoy your day! <3

    Magic Minemen Team
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  8. Dream

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    Super excited to see the progression of the guild. Apply if you are looking for a friendly and supportive community!
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  9. Good luck with the guild!
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  10. Yep I did! I like the direction the guild is going so I decided to apply
  11. Bumpity bump bump
  12. Join this fancay guild
  13. Dab


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    Nice spelling ;)
  14. Fancay is better than fancy
  15. -= x Weekly Update: 10th July, 2018 x =-

    Hey everyone! Magic Minemen is rapidly approaching the 1 month mark since it's been made public, and it's incredible how much it's grown since then! I just want to take a quick moment to thank everyone for their support of the guild. It's been incredible and I've loved every minute <3

    Over the past week, members @OnlyGodJudge, @thebatman55541, @pacopepe, @Luperis, @barnbas, @totallyahwale, @MarcTheUnknown, @JoshuaMilam1, @Jean_GamerHD1 and @Emayli joined the guild! They've all been incredible so far :)

    Our event this weekend was a Limited Build Battle hosted by @Texay, where players had to build to a theme while only using 3 kinds of blocks. In first place we had @Lilahcatrose with 16 points, in second place was @Jean_GamerHD1 with 12 points, and in third place was @Jet711 with 7 points! It was a really fun event and we loved seeing the creativity from our members!

    Lastly, another one of our officers, @Semicolons, was promoted to Helper over the weekend! We're very proud of him and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in his new role! <3

    That's all for this weeks update, thanks for reading everyone! :D

    Magic Minemen Team
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  16. This is a brilliant guild and has the most friendly and welcoming people you'll meet on this game. I love it
  17. rulury

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    Pretty cool guild
  18. CBN8

    CBN8 New Member

    Hey i applied from ShelbyPlays And She said it was really nice and i met one of the members and i loved how shes not toxic and friendly and cares about peoples problems I would love to be in that guild
  19. CBN8

    CBN8 New Member

    Im not in a guild

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