1. Welcome to Mafia XXI! From the desk of the mind that has yet to bring you, PROJECT DICKENS! PROJECT HAGGIS! Comes something new, fresh and exciting... The Undertaking of Cleft! In celebration of Final Fantasy XV's upcoming release, we're running a game themed on the entire series!

    Be sure to look through this.

    An armored figure paces what appears to be a black void of nothingness...our observer, whoever he is feels a shiver as they feel the power wafting off of this person. They should be dead. Both of them should be, actually. Yet here they are.

    Suddenly, the figure stops in its tracks, chuckles, and draws an outline of light in the air, framing a door.

    Light spills into the nothingness, and suddenly, the real world is visible...

    And with a crash, the watcher finds out what the door was for, as he is suddenly thrown out through it into the vacuum of space...

    First off, @SlingshotFoxIsTrash will be helping manage and moderate things. So everyone say hi.

    Moving on...
    Mafia is a game of lies, tricks, subterfuge, and deception. You get to lie to people, and try and solve the puzzle that is a Mafia game using logic, psychology, and deductive reasoning.

    Dramatic openings aside, mafia is a game detailing the struggle for power between two major factions; the Town and the Mafia. The Town represents the uninformed majority; the bulk of players will be put in this faction, but they won't know who the other members of the Town are at the start of the game. It is the Town's goal to figure out who is a part of the Mafia, and eliminate those players. The Mafia represents an informed minority; though they are a much smaller group, the Mafia has access to a private chat through which they can scheme, and can easily gain the upper hand through strategic planning. It is the Mafia's goal to outnumber the Town.

    There are also several 3rd party roles. 3rd parties, or neutrals, are given separate win conditions that they much achieve. Some neutrals are harmless and have benign win conditions, while others are playing with the intent of killing every other player.

    Will the Town figure out who is a part of the Mafia and eliminate them? Or will the Mafia trick the Town and topple the galaxy into chaos? That's the question that this game will answer.

    At the start of the game, each player will be PM'd their role and faction. Every role has a unique ability that will be outlined in the role PM. From there, Mafia is divided into two repeating cycles; Day and Night. During the Day, every player will have an open discussion in this thread. It is at this point that players try and figure out who they can trust, as well as discern other people's roles. This discussion will eventually lead to a lynch at the end of the day; it is the Town's objective to figure out who is a part of the Mafia and lynch them, while the Mafia aims to mislead the Town and get them to lynch one of their own. At any point during the Day, anyone can vote for someone to be lynched by using the tags [VOTE] *Player Name* [/VOTE]. The Day will end after a period of 48 hours, at which point the player with the most votes is lynched. It is also possible to end day eariler if a specific player receives half of the votes of the surviving players plus one (this will be outlined in day-starting mod posts throughout the game). When a player is lynched, their role is revealed to everyone and they are considered "dead" and no longer in the game.

    During the Night, each player will perform their night actions. As previously stated, each person has a role with special abilities. It is during the night that these abilities can be used. Every player PMs me what they want to do with their ability (whether it be killing, protecting, investigating, role blocking, etc. another player). It is also during this period that the Mafia has access to their private chat that they can use to plan and scheme, but this thread is closed for discussion. This period will end once each player sends me their night action.

    These cycles will repeat until a winner has been determined (typically until only one faction of players remains alive). I will then hand out some awards to recognize the best players and moments of the game, and then this mafia round will come to an end!

    Mafia is a great way to make a lot of new friends on the forums all while having a great time playing (in my opinion) a really fun forum game.
    1. Game of lies, deception, trickery.
    2. Power struggle between informed minority (mafia), and uninformed majority (town), with some potential interplay with 3rd parties.
    3. Cyclical play, days and nights. Days you discuss and vote on who to remove. Nights you submit actions. Occasional day actions exist.
    4. Cycles repeat until a winner is determined. (Either 1 faction remains, or certain faction has majority and can't lose.

    These rules are intended to help the game run smoothly, and ensure fun for all, and to help nurture a welcoming, friendly atmosphere to all our players. Please be sure and read them. I reserve the right to modify these, or react to situations which I feel might be harmful to the aforementioned intents described.

    • Be respectful to each other. Mafia can get heated, yes, but please try to maintain a friendly-ish atmosphere. Don't treat everything like a personal attack against you, it is a game.
    • Please keep your posts PG. Kids use these forums, so keep it clean. You might be able to get away with PG-13, but don't push it.
    • DO NOT DISCUSS THIS GAME OUTSIDE OF THE THREAD, OR A MOD MADE OR APPROVED PM. (Game mod, not hypixel mod) Big nono. This is how you get modkilled.
    • No secret codes defined outside of the game. This falls under the above rule. If you're in the mafia or some other group that gets a group PM, feel free to make a code inside of that PM, but do not make one outside of it.
    • Do not gamethrow. Gamethrowing is betraying your own faction or wincondition, for any means that isn't to win the game. If you aren't sure if what you intend to do is gamethrowing, consult your mod or your assistant manager.
    • Don't talk during the night phase. At least with game related info. Meaningless posts (NOT CODES) are okay.
    • When you die, this means you are effectively out of the game. NO GAME RELATED INFO CAN COME FROM YOUR MOUTH. ADDITIONALLY, NO JOKES THAT COULD BE CONSTRUED AS GAME RELATED. Banter posts are all good, but once you are dead, try not to inhibit the living with your posts.
    • Don't quote or screenshot anything from your PM. You may paraphrase, but you may not quote or screenshot it.
    • Don't abuse loopholes. If you think you have found one, check with me, and there's a fair chance I'll just let it slide, however if it's a major problem, I need to know so I can issue a quick patch.
    • Avoid editing your posts, as this can cause confusion, and definitely counts as cheating. Don't delete em either. I'm okay with multiple posts in a row, however forum rules say no more than 3 in a row.
    • I do not intend to restrict banter, however if it becomes an issue, I reserve the right to begin cutting it down.
    • Should be obvious, role repeats are potentially possible. Additionally, so are non-custom roles.
    • ANY PLAYER, yes ANY PLAYER, may request a fake flavor. It won't be a fake roleclaim, but they will receive a fake flavor.
    • Not all flavors are necessarily alignment indicative.
    • To vote for a lynch during the day phase, use the format [VOTE] PlayerName [/VOTE]. To unvote a player, use [UNVOTE] PlayerName [/UNVOTE]. Votes not in this format will not be counted. Abbreviations are fine. If you want to vote so that no one dies, substitute No Lynch for PlayerName.
    • Try and avoid going inactive. If you need to leave for a while, let me know via PM, and I'll sort something out with you. Mafia requires a fair amount, to a LOT of reading, so be ready for that. If you go inactive for one cycle, you will most likely be replaced. DO NOT DO BARE MINIMUM STUFF JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN. THAT ISN'T HOW THIS GAME WORKS.
    • Roleclaiming is eh, I don't really have any right now, but if it goes mad, I'll be coming down harder than a tonne of bricks. So not only heavy, but dusty too, since it's an olde spelling.
    • Fancy abbreviations and acronyms are okay, but be sure and help out people who ask what they are.
    • DO NOT MANIPULATE NEW PLAYERS. I reserve the right to decide what is true manipulation. Suggesting things is alright, but causing a sense of panic, or taking advantage of them, I will not have.
    • Normal forum rules all apply here.
    • If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. My assistant (SlingshotFox or I will reply as soon as we can.)

    No, this game is not a copy of Town of Salem. Mafia originated as a card game in the 1980s, and quickly spread to forums across the Internet. Though it is the most well-known iteration, Town of Salem did not invent Mafia. Town of Salem is a pretty fun game though, so check it out if you don't want to play this.

    A List of Normal Roles (Mostly custom roles have been used in this game, however, it never hurts)

    This is the wiki for our games (ty to the people who took time to edit it)

    This is another good guide (not written by us) REALLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEW PLAYERS TO LOOK AT! Give it a skim.

    (This has been modified and tweaked and put through the wringer, but other people got to see this, so you do too!)
    Okay, so, being the entirely predictable person I am, the theme of the game I've been working towards is Final Fantasy.

    Now for the meat and potatoes behind the idea.

    Here are the basic guidelines behind it:

    1.) Instead of kills and protection, have two types of kills: instant and damage. Players will have health bars to damage, but can be killed instantly with certain actions which are effectively X-Shot. Alternatively, they can be killed by taking too much damage. Heals are reverse damage, but a player cannot heal beyond max. (Obviously)

    2.) The theme of the game will be based on the Final Fantasy series (no spinoffs.) But flavors will not always coincide with what team you are on.

    3.) This necessitates entirely custom roles in the game, since I basically threw away the basic principles behind kills, and it gives me an excuse to vary the possible investigation styles.

    4.) A relatively new item system will be installed, we've had one in the past where players get items each night that did various things. The items in this game will be similar to a normal night action, I.e. heals, damage, motivator actions, etc. Some will do things which are entirely different though, i.e. a mass redirection of actions, where everyone is forced to target someone random (this particular one might also make all the targeting deal damage, not sure yet)

    5.) Each day will represent a Final Fantasy game. If your character is from that game, it gets some sort of temporary buff or change to how it works. Since characters from later games are less likely to receive this buff, they are more likely to receive the aforementioned items.

    6.) If you remember the flavor posts from MU, picture those. Those are normal on hypixel, so I plan on taking that to the next step, not only integrating music into the flavors, but also having visual movie flavors, and personal flavors, i.e. night action results in the form of a flavor PM, instead of simply giving the results straight out.
    Long story short, you gots the players who gets slight advantages and powers on the days that they control.
    You gets the special items at night that do the crazy stuffs, and if you're a character from a later game, you gets extra special chance to get item.
    Special kills, instant vs damage.
    Good summary.
    -Two types of kills, damage and instant kill.
    -Each type has a counterbalance/reverse, heal, or protect.
    -You cannot be healed past your max health.
    -Heals and damage happen simultaneously, unless otherwise specified. This means, you could have 10 HP, and have 10 HP damage dealt to you, which would mean you died, except maybe you drank a potion of healing, which restored 5 HP. So the net result of the night is that you have 5 HP left.

    15. @Markiavelli Town Converted Gladiator, Leon. Accidentally Lynched D1. Unknown alignment, flavor, and role. Lynched D2.
    4. @Yaxley Died N1. Town Boosting Hider, Tarutaru (FFXI)
    2. @Ryast-Ette Died N2. Town Physical Vigilante, Red XIII (FFVII)
    6. @TabooIsTrash Died N2. Town Divergent Bodyguards, Alexander Highwind Tycoon (FFV)
    22. @DragonKing87 Died early morning D3. Town Black Boosting Mason, Palom (FFIV)
    19. @XCVIII Killed D3. Town Laser Prism, Rinoa Heartilly (FFVIII)
    20. @Grones Lynched D3. Town Semi-Loafing Day Vigilante, Galuf Halm Baldesion (FFV)
    1. @BadPlayerBadNameIsTrash Killed N3. Imposing Rebel Mafia Powerhouse Killer, Garland (FFI)
    17. @Foxigami Killed N3. Mafia Propaganationalist and Consultant, Galenth Dysley (FFXIII)
    21. @Nz_Slimeables Killed N3. Town Sensor, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (FFXV)

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  6. Yes, definitely. Great game series. And hey, a new one's coming out, you could start with it!
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    Even if games don't have any relation to eachother I like playing them in order to see how they develop

    Also is it ironic that theres like 20 games in a series called "final" fantasy
  9. They initially thought it was going to be their last game, hence Final. That, and Fighting Fantasy was taken.

    And there are almost 30, about as many spin-offs as there are mains.
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