1. I keep seeing everyone talking about it but is it wven released for 1.8.9 yet?
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    I dont think so
  3. There was a 1.8.9 beta event a couples days ago that lasted for 24 hours.
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  4. there was a beta for 1.8.9 a little bit ago, im sure they will fully release it sometime in the next month or two
  5. In the launch screen, you can change it to 1.8.9. Some option in the settings menu.
  6. So you can play on hypixel with lunar client?
  7. Yes
  8. why lunar? we have badlion
  9. Lunar seems better for me pvp-wise, but it doesn't have enough mods and is rather laggy
  10. Don't use lunar on 1.8.9, you can break blocks and eat gaps at the same time and this might lead to ban by the anticheat.
  11. idk. Why don't use badlion or something?
  12. Badlion just doesn’t feel good to use idk but I also haven’t tried lunar sooo
  13. Lunar is laggy af for me when pvping
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