1. Is there a skywars texture pack? I've been using a skyblock texture pack, and some of the items (Like Grappling Hook or speedster boots) were jhaving that texture...
    I ask this because of the times I mistake some items on the worst situations, like the self-attacking sword (Which I always yeet into the void) or the king's rod
  2. The skyblock texture pack is community made as far as I'm aware, I'm not sure if there's a lucky skywars texturepack made but maybe someone is interested in making one :p
  3. 1 - Surprised... It's the first time a helper replied on a thread of mine...
    2 - I think the UHC Champions' ones also work...
    3 - It also happens on Mega Walls
    4 - The following items are retextured by Skyblock/UHC texture packs :
    - Reaper Scythe
    - Explosive Bow
    - Speedster Boots
    - Anduril, Excalibur and maybe Axe of Perun
    There may be more, but that's all I know afaik
  4. The UHC and Mega Walls texture packs are also community made, the only games we have with texture packs are CvC, TKR, Warlords, Arcade Soccer (football) and Smash Heroes :)
  5. @thewhiskas27 Kualdir also replied on my friend's guild thread, she's very active on the forums.

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