1. me waiting for the anticheat to be improved so that I could finally get diamond division:

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  2. Okay?Legit no one cares and you have plenty of other games to play as well
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  3. Its a harmless meme don't be harsh, some people find it funny, especially the ones with souls.
  4. why you post farming?
  5. You're right.

    It is low effort.
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  6. more like "me waiting for the anticheat to be improved so that I could finally get the will to play ranked skywars"
  7. im not harsh, i am just real
    or who are below the age of 16 lol
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  8. “Or who are below the age of 16”

    *inhales deeply*

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  9. Because there is nothing else to say about this very poorly made meme
  10. That’s me but for gold
  11. No because english isn't my first language lmaooo, but i guess you can't grasp the fact that there are other nationalities besides American playing on here :p
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  12. Well more of the fact that you are trying to insult people yet you can’t even speak their language lmaoo
  13. I never wanted to start a war in the comments, like I said this is a low effort meme.
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  14. why does everyone get triggered so easily lmao
  15. I have gotten an A+ in english since forever,so safe to say i can speak their language and insult them, but you can't speak my language, which just shows how inferior you are :p
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  16. This thread turned from a meme into everyone throwing insults at each other.
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  18. oCyph

    oCyph Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Even though it’s low effort, it’s relatable af.

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