1. I'm sorry but this is the best art I've seen in a while and I had to share it with you, in case you hadn't seen it yet.[​IMG]
  2. It’s for The Floor Is Lava Challenge
  3. Bakura1

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    ArtOfWar ART0W
    I believe that's something for the worldedit or something.
    Besides, it's just two stained glass panes. It's only a big deal if you make it one.
  4. And everyone missed the joke.
  5. Indeed that pillar of stained glass looks deeply into the human condition, revealing much of the socio-cultural conflicts that are present in today's society.
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  6. Man, it really blew me away. It can mean anything, which means it could mean everything. Its perfect...
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  7. Even I did
  8. Hi,I agree with first comment,it’s for challenge The floor is lava.

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