1. Hey, I've been playing Hypixel on and off for years now and in the past couple I've been saving up my arcade coins to the point where I had over 2 million. However, I logged in the other day after not playing for quite a few months and I was in disbelief when I saw that my arcade coins were at 0. Someone please help me, I've been saving for so long and I have no clue why all of my coins have disappeared. I've never used any exploits, I've just saved them from all the times my Hypixel level has gone up and from all of the games I've played.
  2. Your account may have been hacked. Change your Minecraft password IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Oh whaaat, what makes you say that? Why would that mean all of my arcade coins disappear?
  4. Hey,

    It could be what Passionate said or it could just be a bug. Try contacting support here

    Best Regards
  5. The person who hacked you could have used the coins to buy things.
  6. I don't see why they'd do that, and It wouldn't have led to me having exactly 0 coins left
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  7. I'm just saying it's one possibility. Your account's password was cracked, and the account was uaed by the hacker or sold to someone else, (this happens surprisingly frequently, especially on accounts that aren't on for a few months.) The new "owner" goes "Sweet, coins to use on my new account!" and spends them. It may just be luck that they had exactly the right amount of coins to spend to bring you down to 0. It's just one theory, I would recommend changing your password just in case.
  8. oops-

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    Annoy v2 ANNOY
    its probably a bug, do you have any screenshots of before you lost all of your coins?
    also the person saying that your account was hacked is obviously clueless, how could they spend exactly all of the coins in an account and why would they not change the password if they had access?
  9. They can't change the password if OP has security questions. It is possible to spend all coins, just unlikely. As I said, it was only one possibility. If there is ever any chance you could be hacked, you ahould change your password. That was my main point.
  10. probably a bug or something
    even if your account did get comprimised i don't think you would be at exactly 0 coins
  11. Heya,

    For bugs it’s best to go to hypixel.net/bugs

    There is no reason to contact support for this.

    Thanks for trying to help the community :)

  12. Was my bad, linked the wrong thing. I mentioned bugs then said support :p
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  13. This is ridiculous, I just received a 30 day watchdog ban aswell. Are Hypixel trying to push away their loyal fans?
  14. Flame_Frost_

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    You might have received a 30 day ban now because your account got hacked (or something along those lines). However, you are still responsible for the security of your account. If you haven’t made an appeal, you can make one here.
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    Im like 99% sure youre hacked
  16. Dude your account was hacked. Thy already told you earlier and you didn't listen.
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