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  1. so basically... around a year ago i had a BFF named legitjohn ... and we were besties... until my stupid minecraft inactivity for half a year, he unfriended mme, i'm 1Chocolate_Man1, and john if ur seeing this, please join bedwars at 5:00 est australia time :(
    this isnt a joke..... i wanna be friends again ;(
  2. yachtman35

    yachtman35 Active Member

    This genuinely made me really sad... I hope you find your friend :(
  3. Haven't seen him around but if his name is the exact name as the name you have specified, he has changed his name to oJxhn.
  4. navigation93

    navigation93 Active Member

    this make me crying now.. hope u r able to fin dhim :((
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  5. I hope you find your friend..
    It's always heartbreaking to lose someone so close, but if you get in contact with them again I'd recommend to just explain the reason for the inactivity and ask them- sort things calmly, yknow?
    Best of luck, I hope your friendship lasts!
  6. I found his forum account and joined his old guild's discord, his tag is ojxhn#8081
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  7. goodlck finding him, he was highkey on yesterday
  8. That's good to hear.
  9. Good luck finding him! It always sucks to lose a friend like that.

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