1. So yesterday i sent an email that i lost my minecraft account where i had MVP+ on. I have proof that i bought it but i want it on my new account they say if something is bought on a account it bassicly stays on that account, But i remember my friend once switched his rank to another account aswell why cant i do it??.
  2. Unfortunately, we don't do any rank transfers.

    If you have any more questions feel free to start a conversation with me on the forums or with our support team.
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  3. So i legit have to buy a new rank again wtf is that for bs.... while i have proof that i bought the rank.
    Then i kinda want my money back cus then i payed for something i cant even use...
  4. Y
    You should have known if you were going to do an account transfer before buying the rank, if you didn’t know then it’s still not Hypixel fault, and they don’t owe you money based on your lack of planning.
  5. Are you fcking retarded, A database got hacked and my shit was in there and lostt my account how tf should i know that my account is gonna get hacked.
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  6. You didn’t know, I understand that. But it’s not Hypixel fault for you losing your block game account. Just stfu now, nobody really cares lol
  7. This rule exists so that people wont hack MVP+ accounts to tranfer em to their main
  8. When buying any item from the store, you checked the box that agrees to our Terms of Service which states that refunds are not permitted and that the purchase is final.
    It's simple. Use a secure password, add security questions. Don't use the same password and email combination for different sites, this will more than likely result in you losing access to your accounts if any breach occurs. Your account is your responsibility.

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