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  1. Hello everyone!
    Today we are going to talk about Hypixel store and will be taking in suggestions!

    First of all, I'd like to thank every single one of you for supporting us throughout the years. We've overcome many hurdles thrown our way, and they've only made us stronger. If you’ve purchased a Rank or any other item on the Hypixel Store, you’ve directly helped us cover our costs and supported the development of minigames and systems across the server.

    Back in June 2014, when the EULA was first announced, we were quite scared and to be honest, it did hurt our income quite badly. We had to work a lot harder to cover the high expenses of running a big Minecraft server in the following months. It resulted in the demise of many networks, the EULA was written by people who have little idea what communities like Hypixel are about and listened to none of the suggestions put forward by lead server networks.

    Instead of giving up, we decided to triple the size of the team. Our logic was that if we were having such a hard time so were our competitors, and that it was the best time for us to stand out and improve ourselves to survive. The quantity and quality of content improved and soon we started to break player records across the board. Backed by the support of our community, we were able to invest further in Minecraft and scale our team beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

    Back in 2015, I made a topic asking the community for ideas for the Hypixel Store and we ended up adding some of them, as well as improving our current ranks by adding tons of features, and generally reducing the prices of all store items.
    Some of these changes really helped and allowed us to hire passionate developers that are making updates and new games that are enjoyed by millions - you guys are amazing for allowing us to do this.

    Today, I come to you guys for suggestions and ideas for the store once again. We want to keep hiring talented people, buy more servers and improve the quality of services as a whole across all aspects of the server. Many veterans for the past few years have been asking for new stuff and find it quite difficult to support the server if they are not excited by Mystery Boxes or Loot Chests.

    We decided it would be a good time for us to sit down and think of ideas before the holidays. Talking about monetization with our community is something that we like to do and is not common in the gaming industry, but we want to find the right balance to make everyone happy as well as being able to keep the lights on.

    In 2013, long before EULA happened, we said that we wouldn't add a new rank after MVP+ and I still think it's possible to keep it that way. To be honest, it would be quite confusing to add a new rank name with all of our MVP+ features around. However, one idea that I had is to have a rank addon/extension, MVP++ for example (or gold MVP+?), that would come with much requested features such as access to a new redesigned /nick command, private custom game hosting, animated forum frames, automatic tipping, monthly bonuses as well as other features.

    We are thinking to price it fairly low on a monthly subscription, so that way we can have a more stable income on a month to month basis and easily plan out our future investments with the network, and the income would help us support rolling these features out to so many players which we can’t easily do at the moment. So far these are all just ideas, so please help us out with your feedback!

    Keep in mind that we are still working on a Merch store selling physical items like Hypixel clothing - we have received products from a variety of companies, and we are reviewing the quality right now - as soon as we have made our choice, we will setup the store and get it rolling, we aren’t expecting it to have it out by christmas however.

    We are aiming for the highest quality possible and do not plan to make much profit on this; our goal is to have people wearing Hypixel stuff in everyday life - so this is kind of unrelated with this post and will be discussed more deeply in another topic.

    Im sure you guys have plenty of ideas and suggestions for us, so we are going to do a contest and I will pick 5 people for 100$ store coupons that come up with great ideas for new addition to the store or rank addon features.

    Example of other ideas;
    - A special Mystery Box that guarantees an item you don't have
    - Loot Boxes for SkyWars
    - Special VIP Lobby Party House
    - A gadget that allows you to dab (pls no)

    I will be picking 5 winners for $100 store credits by December 20th 2017, please note that even if someone is picked for an original idea(s), it doesn't mean the idea will be used.
    Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is an ongoing discussion topic, nothing is final and ideas in this post are what they are: ideas.

    Please read the full post before posting.
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  2. I'd buy a shirt to wear outside... If I went outside
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  3. luigisonic35

    luigisonic35 Active Member

    Yes! Allow the dab gadget!
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  4. Nicee

    Edit - 3rd
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  5. Oh boy please bring merch
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  6. First page + first non reply = over 9000 coolness, plus I seem to have good ideas so yeah if these ideas get put into the store I'd like a free copy of that. Edit: lol lots of ideas I never knew I had in mind

    Pick me, I got ideas for dem merch that will sell like a god church

    1. Add custom ranks for players
    2. Add more perks for nons so we can feel more special
    3. Add a pet unicorn that farts rainbows
    4. Buy morphs
    5. More purchasable cosmetics

    I've seen some ideas For MVP++ and this is what so should do, we should we add a insta but option because some of our parents won't be willing to pay a monthly fee, so the MVP++ thing since it has /nick and stuff it should have a op price because if people use the monthly purchase there would still be tons of lag, also of hackers get ahold of this, there should be a command to see past MVP++ nicks so we can report them, the command is /rnick or /realname to get their real ign. Now as we know, that MVP++ can nick as MVP+ and lower so yeah idk a way yet to get past that. What if mvp++ have in /who their real ign, like if I had /nick for hypixelislaggy in /who it would be hypixelislaggy (messisteve) but it would only show for mvp++ so helpers and up plus yt is safe

    Merch ideas: Hypixel pillows $10, blankets, onesie, hoodie $20, shirt $15, jersey and hypixel plushies, hypixel sweats. Hypixel action figures(admit it, a hypixel action figure would be kinda cool)

    Meme ideas: add a fix watchdog, and fix lag button, add a dabbing plushie, add custom prefix plushies, a watch me whip nae nae victory dance

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    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
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  7. We need a watchdog plushie.

    Edit: also, a H (the Hypixel logo) pin would be awesome. That way we can subtly represent Hypixel!
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  8. Nice!
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  9. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    Gadget that allows you to dab I'll give that +1, but in all seriousness, an MVP++ or like at least a gold MVP+ would be dope. Especially if it came with private games, /nick redisdisgined, etc. As well as a watchdog plushie like @skyerzz said and a sloth plushie.
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  10. Chrizza

    Chrizza Well-Known Member

    IceSquad ICE
    Maybe a comeback of MVP-Land?
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  11. You Can have sone gardegs like a dap och whip. And that you Can Do it as a Victor dance
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  12. how about new hypixel merch like plushies

    and the mystery box that give you something you don't have already sounds awesome
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  13. Looshy

    Looshy Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
    oh no not the dab gadget
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  14. Maybe more particles the ones we already got are kinda old :p
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  15. idk about adding this to the shop but u should add gadgets to lobbies, like the mega lobby.
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  16. BOGA32

    BOGA32 Well-Known Member

    Neverland LANDER
    I mean apparel would be awesome!
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  17. A t-shirt, possibly a hoodie would be cool.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
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  18. Cat Companions!! You have so many companions and 4 of them are dogs! But where is the cat love I ask?

    My idea is maybe a Persian Cat and a Tabby Cat. Those could be 2 awesome cat ideas!!

    Also I know many people would love this! Especially @TomcatEvE
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  19. iMax7

    iMax7 New Member

    i'm sorry but it has to be done... a fidget spinner gadget.. somehow..
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  20. I would like you to add different pets you could only buy in the store for different Holidays!
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