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    When it comes to CTF, both cryo and earth are super good at both capturing and defending and are usually expected to grab the flag.

    Cryo is simple, slow down everything that tries to run away or everything you try to run away from, its also quite tanky and can survive a lot.

    Earth is more difficult but its massive aoe knockback makes him difficult to catch.

    A short guide to earth (it looks like lots of text but trust me its important xD)
    Where earth is good:
    Literary anywhere where you have teammates.
    Where earth is bad:
    When you don't have teammates.

    You will like the class if:
    - you like doing both healing and damage
    - playing with the team
    - like the slow paced playstyle
    - like ability combos
    - versatility

    The most important thing to remember is that earth is all about energy and cooldown management, the better you manage your abilities the better you will get.
    When it comes to positioning, stay at mid-range from the team fights and spam your abilities from outside.
    In team fights earth is super useful because of large aoe damage and healing, its one of the few classes where you can consistently get top place on both dmg and healing leaderboards.
    When it comes to 1v1s earth is one of the worst classes and you should only try to get close to pyros and aquas, for the rest just keep knocking them away and run to your team.

    Earth has 2 strong damaging abilities, 1 super good, 1 terrible and 1 good healing abilities.
    Things to note about abilities:
    Earthen Spike (weapon skill) is an auto aiming attack that can not be avoided on close range and slows down the target by knocking them up. It CAN hit multiple targets.
    Use it when you try to catch up to someone or run away from that one angry berserker, in team fights you should only use it when you have spare energy.
    Boulder can knock the flag carrier towards you and your team if aimed correctly (in front of the target). Aiming with the boulder is easy to learn because when you hold the ability item thingy you can see particles that tell you exactly where the boulder will go.
    Use it to knock people off horses, keep things away and do massive aoe damage. Boulder costs less energy and does more damage than the spike, so actually its used more than the spike. In team fights its your main damage source and should be spammed.
    Earthliving weapon is literary the worst ability in warlords, you can literary forget about it. It requires getting to melee range and for earth its just not ideal.
    The only thing it IS useful for is hitting mages with arcane shields active, the absorbed melee damage means nothing and you do get extra energy for every hit + with this some healing. Just use it when you are low on energy and start hitting things to recharge faster, however its risky because healing from it is nearly non existent.
    Chain heal is the your best healing ability, just click on a teammate to heal them and yourself. For every target healed the cooldown of a boulder is reduced by 3s, if you hit many people at once you can just reset the cooldown of the boulder and throw it again. This is the main combo you should be abusing, always use the boulder first, then heal, then boulder. If the boulder is on less than 3s cooldown, wait and do the combo, same thing with chain heal. If both abilities are on cooldown and you have lots of energy, use spike, if you don't, wait. It is your main source of healing and should be spammed.
    Healing Totem
    is simply lots aoe healing, use it in team fights to farm that healing stat. It has rather short cooldown so don't save it for too long. For example its ok to use it if you are rushing the flag with 2 or 3 people and defenders attack you. In other modes use it in the middle of team fights.

    This spec is good in every mode and is kinda underused for whatever reason, lots of people wont know how to counter it so mastering it can be quite usefull. Any questions? x)
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  2. I disagree about the earthwarden part. It is not an optimal flag carrier at all. Sure if you have to pick up, it isn't the worse, and should be prioritized over let's say a protector, but eward has a couple flaws that prevent it from being a good capper.

    Eward has to turn around to throw boulders, the knock back you gain from it, is usually not worth the time you stopped running, you can't hit everyone, so others are going to be able to catch up. If you are running, and need to totem, good luck. You need to decide if it is worth it to totem and stay there for a bit, or to just keep running. Eward does not have any damage reduction abilities besides it's passive 10%. They are going to be targeting you, so you want someone who can absorb a good amount of damage. These problems can be solved if someone else picks, and the eward escorts. The earthwarden gets the chance to throw a lot more efficient boulders out when escorting, it can even run ahead and place a totem down so the carrier can get hit by the big heal (only do this if you really have to). Most players are going to be trying to hit the flag carrier, which means you are free to do a lot more, such as run in and start meleeing with Earthliving weapon, you can also look out for threats on their horses and knock them off with Boulder.

    Long story short, Earthwarden is not good at capping, but it is a phenomenal escort. If it absolutely has to, it can though.
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  3. What? This is wrong, it's literally the best source of healing for ewarden. If you cant land melee, well, that's more of a player problem rather than a spec problem.
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  4. Just to throw in my 2 cents to the issue with picking up as pyro: only do it as a last resort. Have either inferno/timewarp combo ready, or arcane shield/timewarp ready. Pretty much the only time it should be done is if the are about to cap and you need to get the flag as far as possible from the base. Expect to die and hope someone will be close enough to pick and carry it the rest of the way. Think of it like a relay race.
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    this thing requires you to get in to meele range and every class except aqua and pyro will win in a close ranged 1v1 with earthwarden. Landing meeles is not a problem but the damage that you will take from being at meele range is far greater than healing from this ability. Its better to never let things close and annoy them with constant boulder and spike spam. This heals for like 230ish healing once every few hits where as meele classes can can do around 1000 damage in that time.
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    Well then it looks like I was playing against noobs most of the time, I capped many times by knocking everything away with boulders and spikes, true that unlike cryo you cant really cap falgs solo, however with teammates around it works most of the time for me :p

    I do agree that earth is super good at escorting, but if you have teammates around picking up the flag is not that bad of an idea.
  7. You must not have a legendary for earthwarden. For shaman, legendary weapons are super important because their weapon skill is based on the melee damage of the weapon your using.
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    I do have a legendary...
    Dude the damage you will take from being in meele range is like 5x greater than the healing you get from this ability.
  9. You should be trying to melee on every spec, even on specs like pyromancer, so eward just gets the added benefit of also getting heals from meleeing for only a small cost of energy. I do agree that sometimes the heals can be underwhelming at times, but in other instances they can be amazingly strong. eward also has spike which helps it keep it's target in melee range.

    A big often overlooked benefit of Earthliving is that it doesn't care about damage reduction or absorbtion. This means that you can heal through arcane shield just by meleeing. If you compare this to protector, it blows prot out of the water in this specific example. I also did this calculation like a year and a half ago so I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but with a really good weapon with good melee stats, the average eliving proc is about as much as a prot strike, except you also get the full healing, and only spend the initial bit of energy to use the skill. Protector on the other hand spends 90 energy every single hit.
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    As I said before, the only classes that eward is should meele are aqua and pyro,
    Aqua because he does like no damage and pyro because eward can melt him before he melts you, also he cant land the bs flameburst crits as easily. All other classes will usually win a 1v1 and its better to just "annoy them off" by staying out of their melee range and spamming kb while running towards your team. Eward is like the most team relying spec in the game and taking duels is not really a good idea for a support, (not even an off support) because during this time you could have been healing your team.
    Previously I DID say that earthliving is only good at farming energy from arcane shields, but using it in duels is just not worth it. Its better to run away and support the team.
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  11. Earthwarden doesn't want to 1v1 I agree. This is because it most likely could be having more of an impact elsewhere on the map. There are other specs that can easily body an earthwarden in a 1v1. Luckily it's a team game. There are times where you have to 1v1 someone, but pure 1v1s are generally very rare, especially if you position yourself properly. If you don't melee at all you are missing out on a lot of heals and EPH, drastically hindering your impact on the game. This next part goes for any spec. If you watch to see how much energy the key players on the enemy team have, you can gauge whether it is safe to go in or not. Yeah, running into a full health, full energy berserker is not the smartest thing, but if you saw him fighting someone else, and he already used most energy, it's usually worth while to go in and try to help your teammate finish him off.

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