1. I've recently been searching through several threads about some advice on how to properly play with the specializations in each class.

    This is some advice I've found pretty recently:

    I've been testing the waters with almost every class (except Shaman). I'm always conflicted on what class, or even specialization, that I would exceed in for my gameplay. I haven't been looking at numbers, as I always just tried to play a class the most beneficial way it's designed. I usually upgrade the current class I'm using, and I haven't stuck with any class/specialization to use primarily.

    I've recently been playing with Pyromancer, although I'm not sure if I enjoy it's designed style of gameplay. I like to deal heaps of damage, but Pyromancer is weak in groups of enemies and hasn't required much skill in abilities for me. I'm conflicted on what type of gameplay I want to commit with (CTF): healing flag carriers, being a flag carrier, or if I should focus on defense. I've been all 3 at some point, but I mostly enjoy playing fairly aggressive and enjoy killing off people. I also enjoy capturing the flag, but apparently, it's a huge dislike to pick with a damage specialization.

    I'm committed to learning about the specializations, so I can properly play a class; or even some crucial advice that inexperienced players don't gain right off the bat. I wouldn't say I'm bad or good- just conflicted to what kind of style of gameplay I want to commit to.
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  2. A tip for returning the flag with pyro is to run in with inferno and timewarp and slam everyone before teleporting away, and then going back in with arcane shield and finishing everyone off.
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  3. OpticAlex

    OpticAlex Well-Known Member

    If you want more challenging gameplay that requires more skill, try berserker and shaman (all 3 specs)
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  4. Why not try out Shaman? Thunderlord's designed to deal a massive amount of damage to groups of enemies, and has one of the highest skill caps in the game (perhaps second only to Spiritguard). If those are your major issues with pyro, Thunderlord should be able to solve both (but it should not pick up the flag). It is somewhat weak without a high-damaging weapon though, so use your highest leveled legendary for any spec instead of hunting for a thunderlord weapon. You should also activate /hotkeymode for faster ability usage. With hotkeymode, the red skill (chain lightning) should be spam-pressed until it hits. Strafe left with your ring finger (on a) and index finger (on w) whenever you want to use chain lightning, so your middle finger is free to spam "2."

    If Thunderlord's a little too difficult without a high leveled weapon, Spiritguard is another option that is tankier (near unkillable within a moshpit if played correctly), yet still dealing plenty of damage in teamfights. Though its melee + ability combos are difficult to set up, it does unlock nearly all of its power at level 0 even without a weapon. Once again, you must use hotkeymode and understand its melee-ability-weaving combos.

    Finally, Earthwarden's the easiest of the three, with a simple boulder-chainheal-boulder combo that you can cast from relative safety. It's simple to play and pretty slow paced, so it's more similar to pyro than the other two shaman specs. Nevertheless, all three specs are strong in teamfights and significantly more complex than pyro, so you should try shaman if you want something challenging. Thunderlord and Spiritguard will certainly take a while to learn, but it's extremely rewarding once you nail the ability combos down.
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  5. Solid start! Unfortunately there isn't a high damage class that is also highly effective at flag capping, so you're going to have to end up picking one over the other (unless you want to commit to two classes at the same time, which isn't recommended at all). If you enjoy playing aggressively and straight up dueling people, you might want to look at these classes:

    Revenant - Although it's technically a support, as its a Healing class, it is one of the best duelists in the game. It also can protect flag carriers quite well, as every ability provides some form of damage reduction, CC, or life extension. It can also be good at chasing flags, although I'm personally not quite sure how well Revenant can do that. If you're looking for high AoE damage then Revenant isn't optimal.

    Berserker - Berserker has one of the highest single-target damage outputs in the game. It's another amazing duelist because of its healing cut, life steal, and high damage values.

    Avenger - Avenger also has a lot of single-target power, but has far less sustain than Berserker, but it makes up for that with being able to hit 3 targets at the same time and spamming its Strikes a lot faster. Without support, it's basically a suicide diver.

    You might also want to give Spiritguard a try? It has a lot less damage but has a ton of sustainability, and thrives off of being damaged in fights. I don't think it will give you the killing you want though, so I doubt this choice.

    thanks to @WheresMySoup for pointing out my massive error ._.
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  6. I really appreciate the suggestions! I'm going a bit broad with some preferable gameplay I'd like with a class, but I see that Shaman is a popular suggestion for my type of style. I'd like to try out Shaman's specializations sometime soon! :)
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  7. that is completely false and misleading, avenger has the highest single-target burst (sustained dmg goes to tl) in the game, and the only reason it can compete with bers is because it has this large superiority
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  8. Huh my intuition was that berserker holds the highest burst damage with its initial energy pool+abilities, but avenger's higher dps means it'll chew through 5-6k hp slightly faster than bers does. This statement made me curious which spec had the higher average burst within the first ability rotation (with its remaining energy pool averaged out to strike dps), so I went through some of the math... and the results were quite close (lv 90 with 19% strike weapons). I believe I took everything into consideration here.
    Avenger: 1.15*(427+577)/2*(.75+.25*1.85)*(300+120-50)/90 + (158+213)/2*(.8+.2*1.75) = 3091
    Berserker: 1.25*((591+752)/2*(.8+.2*1.75)*150/100 + (557+753)/2*(.75+.25*2.00) + (448+606)/2*(.85+.15*2)) = 3229
    Obviously after this initial burst avenger's wrath + consecrate will outdamage berserk by far, and that's avenger's primary advantage over berserker's sustain. But the instaburst title still goes towards berserker, especially when consecrate's damage boost is not 100% reliable when chasing.
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  9. Wait seriously

    goddamn i am a giant pepega

    i based that off of my personal experiences on both Ave and Bers
    clearly my Ave is either utter ass/i'm unlucky/i've been going against a lot of defense classes
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  10. Im not checking that math because im on mobile, and im more refering to practical usage at the highest level of gameplay, not pure statistical output. Avenger in actual gameplay is far more threatening to your health bar in a couple seconds. You can say that bers does more by clicking everything at once, and thats fine if you didnt make mistakes in the math, but doing that is not practical. I would honestly agree bers > ave any dump less than a second, beyond that avenger only becomes stronger
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  11. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    Huh, that sounds very familiar. If I had decided to stick to one class, then I wouldn't know as much about wls as I do now. I've mained cryo, tlord, crus, and aqua. I will occasionally love playing protector, or defender.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with switching roles from game to game, and leveling classes as you play them. If anything, this style of gameplay will help you learn about everything faster. You are allowed to play whatever you want whenever you want it.

    Play what you enjoy, change when you get bored. Don't be afraid to try everything. Don't feel obligated to commit to one class, as doing so can make you feel bored if you prefer multiple specs.

    Switching mains will take you longer to reach lvl 90 for a single class, but skill and knowledge are much more valuable. Or, you could lvl up a class one at a time, but let yourself play/main classes you aren't leveling.

    Let yourself play.
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  12. It could have to do how you are using the specs, but in most cases bers is just better. Avenger being the worst spec is basically unanimous in my friend group and thats because of its combination of atrocious base stats and paladin mechanics. It is only useful for dumping, that is literally its one use in the game now. And its damn good at it.
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  13. also because of its horrific sustain. Only has a 500 heal while Bers has Bloodlust and splash damage to capitalize on it. I usually used Ave to hard dive back line (before Rev so basically minimal support was with me)
  14. I mean yea avenger is pretty bad except with teams and etc. This is mainly due to the fact it doesn't have many options besides damage. I like avenger a lot I usually do 200k+ damage when I have a good game where I don't die often. I have defeated multiple berserkers with just damage output as berserkers tend to forget about their own health.
    Anyways back on topic.

    Any class is great to choose. But for starting out maining a class is a must as you are inexperienced and I guess low level? Anyways my suggestion is pyro or berserker to start out. These are self explanatory classes and easy to deal tons of damage. I am currently a damage main but my true main is pyro.

    Pyro is easy to kill so try to avoid possible damage attacks and stay like 10 blocks or more away from damage unless you want to get energy from hitting players. This class is really good and many don't see that when they begin. Aiming for direct hits drastically makes killing entire teams easy. My highest kill count is about 6 players at one time. Also aim so you hit more players. Fireball's aoe is pretty low but can hit a lot at the right spot. Aiming above provides better damage as well. Flame burst doesn't really matter as much but just hitting a lot of players. It has a much higher aoe range. There isn't really much I can say than try to learn the class and its advantages as well its disadvantages.
    One major thing is hitting enemy players when ever you can to gain more energy and 100 damage per hit is pretty good honestly (this goes for any spec).

    Tlord takes a lot of effort to be good at it. I recommend it if you are good at learning for rpg games. Anyways I hope this helps ^^
  15. Maybe ewarden tbh, earth can play agressive but can still heal
  16. OpticAlex

    OpticAlex Well-Known Member

    Do u think that avenger should deal more damage that it does now?
  17. If you like picking, then the best specs for that are either cryo or aqua. (defender, crus, spiriguard and earthwarden arent bad, but are less useful to the team as carriers, rather than supporters). Cryo is tanky and can deals loads of dmg as well because of how long it can last. It can also slow down any enemies chasing you while you carry or when theyre chasing your teammate(s). Aqua is pretty good to carry because its massive heals allows it a lot of longevity but it cant do much if it doesnt have group protection.

    If you arent satisified with cryo's dmg output but still want to carry, then I suggest keeping pyro as it is probably the best of the offensive specs to carry (best of the worst in a sense). Obviously, with pyro your main goal is to retrieve flags, but if ever they have too much defense and you need to help stall for that % dmg increase, then pyro allows you to get the flag and quickly get out pretty far with a good timing on a time warp. Also, if youre running away, pyro's long distance can shoot down incoming horses if youre precise enough. Still not an ideal spec to carry, but it can stall longer and therefore more preferable to avg, bers and tl. So youd be able to carry your team more easily if you dont have to any competent pickers.
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  18. No because that's all it does. It needs something to set it apart. Maybe like players hit by avengers wrath strikes have reduced critical hit chance or critical hit multiplier. It needs to have something that gives you a reason to pick it over another spec. Avenger's damage is already very strong.
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  19. OpticAlex

    OpticAlex Well-Known Member

    I had an idea once for light infusion on all 3 paladin specs. It would be a small buff and grant paladin more team versatility. So like avenger's would give nearby allies +5% crit chance and 10% multiplier for 4 seconds. Crusader's could give 10 energy to nearby allies or grant nearby allies 10% defense for 4 seconds. Protector's could cleanse debuffs like wounding and slowness and maybe even immobilize and grant a small (1 or 2% of health) HoT for 4 seconds. The person using the skill would get the small buff too. The numbers can also be tweaked and balanced. What do you think?
  20. Most of said buffs are given to others not itself as well crus certainly doesn't need it. Prot I'm unsure as it could be a little more game impactful like the new war class rev. I really enjoy how that class was put together.

    For avenger same thing more game impactful instead of dmg. For example making the red skill give health from holy light (40 health every tick to only itself when it's in the area). Or maybe it deals true 300 damage every strike. I like the second one mainly as it makes sense and doesn't change how it interacts now besides from capping parties and mages etc.

    Anyways I suggest making a thread about it with ideas or whatever as I'm sure the thread owner could use some tips instead xD.

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