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  1. Hey everyone.

    I really wan't a professionally "hand-drwan" profile picture of my Minecraft character. So if any of you reading this has a talent in drawing ect and want to do this for me, PM me immediately! I'm also willing to pay some $, but we can discuss further in the DM's.

    Examples bellow of the artstyle im looking for:

    Note: I won't buy anything I can't see first (send me like the finished drawing with a huge watermark or something).
  3. Look for “let me draw something” threads
  4. Nobody will draw that good for your for free.
  5. I’d have to say that’s where you’re wrong, amoura drew my avatar for free and this is the best drawn picture of myself I’ve ever seen
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  6. Not gonna lie it's really good.
  7. Didn't say I wanted it for free :)
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  8. I recommend commissioning. A mod here, AmyThrMudkip, draws really good avatars for reasonable prices on Twitter, and I’m just starting to do digital art, so if you want a crappy picture like my own, message me xD
  9. I'll do my best I guess
  10. MineFX

    MineFX Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, one of the famous Maple39 drawings is coming.
  11. See its gonna be epic k
  12. Yuyuko

    Yuyuko Active Member

    youre a year late
    i dont think hes looking for a drawing anymore

    @Chandoggie lock?
  13. Please avoid posting on old threads. :p
    This one is from Feb, 2018.
    Please use the report button next time.
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