1. Hello, I am looking for a guild that has max shop, and is based on skywars.
    I was just in the SkyTitan's guild but they raised requirements which I did not have..

    My Skywars Wins/Kills are 5,192 wins, and 33,269 kills.
    I'm looking for a friendly guild, yet the players are friendly. I do have discord and skype, but may not always be open to talking/calling.
    I have the 3 golds in Skywars (hearts trail, blood kill effect, and guardians victory dance).

    Thanks, hope join some one soon.
  2. xEndeq

    xEndeq Well-Known Member

    Soulburn SOUL
    My guild is not a skywars guild but a competitive pvp guilf that plays duels skywars bedwars and sometimes UHC. If your interested tell me (we have maxed shop)
  3. Hmm.. I play duels, skywars MAYBE bedwars, and I'd like a good carry in UHC.. Invite me whenever, I'm quite interested
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  4. @xEndeq your guild is full, I tried /g join soulburn..
  5. Hey try to join socialize or skymyth
  6. Also Uknknown force is good sw guild too
  7. Also hypixel knights are great
  8. Good luck finding a guild! :) :D
  9. xEndeq

    xEndeq Well-Known Member

    Soulburn SOUL
    friend me again i kick an inactive when a new person joins
  10. dogo

    dogo Well-Known Member

    Awaked AWAKED
    Why don’t you consider awaked guild?

    I don’t know if i’m allowed to say this, but oh well.... check awaked.ml out to find out more and if you want, apply!

    Just a side note, we also have a guild minecraft server, and if you are interested in applying, just write a message on my profile that you applied, and I will hopefully tell the guild master to invite you :D
  11. Hookle

    Hookle Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    https://hypixel.net/threads/all-games-infamy-active-discord-events-gvgs-max-shop-apply-now.832779/ Join Infamy! although we label ourselves as a community based all games guild, we are mainly focused on skywars. we have many good skywars/ranked skywars players, but we have the community of a casual guild, so you won’t have any problems meeting new people as long as you can be active on discord. we have weekly skywars gvgs against other guilds and other fun events! you can apply on our thread and you will most likely receive a response within the first hour or before of you posting.
  12. thank you for the offer, but I just made a guild w/ my friends! :)

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