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    Applications Open


    Locusts is a Hypixel Guild started on the 7th April 2019. Our guild focuses on 4 games: Skyblock, Bedwars, Skywars and Duels. Despite it, we welcome players of all games! Each player specialises in different aspects of the 4 games. We hope to get hold onto more of this talented players and enlarge our community.


    Member ~ The members. Can be part of either GvG or Youtube Team.

    Officer ~ The moderators of the guild. Direct questions to them. They also review applications.

    Head Officer ~ Basically officers but they will be involved in the more important events. They also host and entertain events such as GvGs.

    Manager ~ The highest level of staff. They have all the perms and also make decisions that are final. One of them will take charge if the guild master is away.

    Guild Master ~ Highest rank in the entire guild. Belongs to the one and only ExplodingSheep.


    ✮ Chance of double Experience and gold ✮

    ✮ Super Active ✮

    ✮ Low Requirements ✮

    ✮ Guild Resource Pack

    Guild Website: Here

    Planning as of now


    [MVP+] ExplodingSheep- One & Only Guildmaster :D

    [MVP+] xSound_

    Head Officer:

    [VIP+] iW1nter

    [MVP+] FireConfusionYT


    ➵ No Spamming or flooding the chat.

    ➵ Very limited swearing or cursing in chat. [Do Not Abuse this rule!]

    ➵ No toxicity or being salty after game.

    ➵No hacking, boosting history and in future.

    ➵ Be active [Inactivity for more than 7 days w/o vaild reasons results in a kick]


    ☑ your account is linked to forums
    ☑ have a Discord account
    ☑ Follow the Application Format

    Meet all Mandatory Requirements and 1 of the Game Requirements but feel free to apply to even though you don't meet! Frequent exceptions are made!

    Network Level 15
    Have Discord Account & speak fluent English

    Bedwars: 35+ Stars or 60+ Final Kills
    Skywars: Gold Prestige or 40 Wins or 40 Kills
    Duels: 70 wins or 70 kills
    The Pit: Prestige II
    UHC Champions: 1 Solo Win and 2 star
    Other games: Write your notable stats under Requirements met (specify your game too)




    Discord: (Username#0000)

    Network level:

    How active are you per week?

    Previous Guilds & why you left them?

    Why do you want to join? How will you benefit us as a member?

    Any punishment history? If so, why.

    Link to plancke.io: https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/USERNAME


    GetGot [GG]
    Of Course [OFC]

    ☑ have a guild discord
    ☑ have a guild page (thread)
    ☑ members must be active
    ☑ 30+ members
    ☑ Level 20+
    How many members does your guild have?
    How active are your members?
    Why do you want to ally with Locusts?
    Describe your guild:
    What kind of guild sources do you have? (i.e. guild site/page, etc.):
    What level is your guild?
    Any extra info you would like to share with us?
    Discord name + tag? (for contact purposes):
    *Ally Application format adapted from @MoonwalkBridger

    We look forward to seeing our New Members soon!!

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  2. Reserved for updates!
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  3. About the requirements on bedwars!

    I have 875 losses, and 375 wins. (0.41 win-loss ratio)

    Requirement is 80 losses and 20 wins (0.25 win-loss ratio)

    Even though I have a LOT more than 80 losses, my WLR is vastly superior to the specification. So does this count as 1 requirement?

    EDIT: Ignore my plancke status as a 27% win percentage. It’s not updated
  4. Yes of cuz. I planned the 80 losses for people that have around 30 wins . Not for people more than 200 wins. xD
  5. darklord69

    darklord69 New Member

    This Guild Is Really Great I Really Love It
  6. darklord69

    darklord69 New Member

    IGN: CryingDemon
    Age: 14
    Network level: 36
    Discord Name & Tag: robloxnoob#7832
    Which requirement do you meet? (Non-compulsory ones) idk
    How long do you play Hypixel? (Per Week) Everyday
    Why do you want to join Locusts? How will you benefit us? I fell it fun so i joined :D and i will play a lot :D
    What previous guilds you are in? And did you leave them? Didn't join any :L
    Main game I play on Hypixel: Of Cource Bed War
    Timezone: Vietnam (GMT+7)
    Link to Plancke.io: https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/CryingDemon
    Tell us a bit of yourself: i like pewdiepie :D
  7. Accepted! Great application. Will invite you to the guild rn. Hope you enjoy! :)
  8. gb81

    gb81 Well-Known Member

    thorn v2 THORN
    Good luck with the guild my man!
    Nice thread!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Appreciated greatly! :)
  10. Segji

    Segji Well-Known Member

    thigh THIGH
    Good Luck with the guild!
  11. Thanks so much! :) Pls join!
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  12. darklord69

    darklord69 New Member

    sr my brother mess my clan
  13. R you joining back?
  14. darklord69

    darklord69 New Member

  15. yo uhh i have 100 wins and i dunno 3k kills? wanna ally guilds?
  16. I will pm you. Bump!
  17. Age: 13, born in 2005
    Network level: 25
    Discord Name & Tag: olipoli#4631
    Which requirement do you meet? (Non-compulsory ones) : Most of the bedwars requirements
    How long do you play Hypixel? (Per Week) : about 20 hours i think
    Why do you want to join Locusts? How will you benefit us? : i want to join coz im lookinig for active guild that will help me get more stars, and i will have more people too play with
    What previous guilds you are in? And did you leave them? : HydraGuild, i didnt leave yet coz i want to get the bonuses from guild but when you will msg me on discord, i will leave my guild asap :p
    Main game I play on Hypixel: Bedwars
    UTC +2 CEST Central European Summer Time

    Link to Plancke.io: https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/_OliPoli_
    Tell us a bit of yourself: hypixel bedwars player that is most of time alone :<
  18. Accepted! Congratulations, welcome to Locusts! I will invite you in a while! :)
    Disclaimer: Please leave your guild ASAP.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  19. hey, i left my guild. waiting for invite :D please msg me on discord as well coz i may not be on when u invite me
  20. Will my age skew my application results?
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