1. Hello before I begin I just want to say that I do not care if I am warned or forum banned for this burn it must be said.

    I play many servers but there is one with a small community with a horrible event that occurred. Due to other players I am heart broken to hear that the poor player commuted suicide... it is a sad thing and I’m praying for them. I want to let other players know to remember that what you say on the server can really effect people. It’s not a joke and this example shows that it does. You may not know this person as I didn’t but what you say can effect that person and/or others. Thank you for reading and please if you can take a moment of silence for this player.

    It’s a truly sad moment when a innocent player commuted suicide over cyber bullies.
  2. why do people use off-topic like therapy and psa
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  3. Hmm so where should I place it. Server discussion? This isn’t a joke. Right now the the players family members are suffering there own child dying! It’s a sad thing and I had to put it out there.
  4. You chose to put it here. Not to sound rude, but it isn't relevant to anyone outside of those affected and those who initially knew. As for the message, no one goes on the forums to learn a moral.
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