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  1. Critical [V]: Increases your damage when you land a critical hit.
    Cubism [V]: Increases damage dealt to Magma Cubes, Slimes, and Creepers.
    Ender Slayer [V]: Increases damage done to Endermen and Ender dragons.
    Execute [V]: Increases damage dealt by a certain percent for each percent of health missing on your target.
    Experience [III]: Grants a chance for mobs to drop double experience.
    First Strike [IV]: Increases the damage done to mobs on your first hit.
    Giant Killer [V]: Increases damage dealt for each percent of extra health that your target has above you up to 25.
    Impaling [III]: Increases damage dealt to Squids and Guardians.
    Lethality [V]: Reduces the armor of your target by a percent for 8 seconds, each time you hit them. Stacks up to 5 times.
    Life Steal [III]: Heals you for a percentage of the damage you do to mobs.
    Luck [V]: Increases the chance for monsters to drop their Armor.
    Scavenger [III]: Increases the amount of coins you get per kill.
    Thunderlord [V]: Strikes a monster with thunder every 3 consecutive hits.
    Telekinesis: Loot directly goes into your inventory. (Doesn't work on bosses)
    Vampirism [V]: Heals a small percentage of your missing health on kill.
    (i'd also recommend if ur trying to max ur weapon use 10 hot potato books aswell.)
  2. How does this get into the forum games section
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  3. underboy

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  4. i only made this so i could help if you dont like it then why even reply to it?
  5. It should go in the skyblock section, where people are actively looking for threads like this.
  6. This is false, impaling and thunderlord is some of the worst enchant possible on a sword
  7. Whats wrong with impaling?
  8. oh i didnt even notice the skyblock section
  9. tunderlord is so if you cant 1 shot mobs but like 5 shot them or smthn like that then you can 3 shot them because thunderlord makes a thunderstrike every 3 hits on a mob which means you do more dmg when you fight a mob you normally 4 - 5 shot
  10. and impaling is actually GOOD so thats why i added those

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