1. i have played skyblock for a long time and i have seen alot of problems during this time
    but here are just a few of the problems i have

    1:Thief's/item hoggers
    i bet you all seen this coming
    but item hoggers are generally a big part on to why people avoid playing skyblock
    one general rule in skyblock (even more in the park) if someone is mining a tree for example that it is common sense to not be a rude player and look for a other tree to mine
    not only do the thiefs/item hoggers ignore this and in turn cause drama but they are also hogging up all the resources others need more then them
    they just dont care at all...not even when you call them out to stop hogging all the items

    2:Steep difficulty
    im not a noob in PVE but the Steep difficulty increase surely makes people to stop playing
    here is a example of it
    on the hub island there is a area called the graveyard which houses the teleporter to the spidersnest
    you can find zombies around lvl 1-5 here generally but if you go a little more to the left you find crypt zombies with lvl 30-40 which can usealy kill any unaware or new player within seconds
    along with the deep mines which is generally very busy but at the lowest parts (diamond and obsidian) of the mine that you dont see any player at all signaling how difficult it is to get there and get some items

    dont get me wrong...i kinda like selling potion's that i made on auctions but most of the time i see new players who due to auction's are already fully equiped with diamond tools and armor which kinda ruins the flow of skyblock all togetter which is kinda annoying for the players who worked months for the stuff they have and are still working for something way bigger only to find it that other players simply bought it form the auctions
    maybe a item limit in place that only unlocked stuff can be buyed which will help

    4:not able to change servers
    coming back at number 1 which is annoying in general but whats even more annoying is that players are littery forced to stay there to gain resources or wasting time walking back to the teleporter while if we are able to switch between sub-servers will make it much less annoying to avoid item hoggers or to just find some friends around the islands with which you can play togetter, trade, or even talk (which is already a thing on hypixel in general)
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  2. Item hoggers are definitely annoying, but you can simply switch servers by (for example) going back to your island then going to the hub which will usually change the server unless you are in a party with someone in the lobby or have a coop member in that lobby.

    The difficulty spike is there because it shows new players what they may want to work towards. If they see a high level enemy, the goal is to either grind the gear to be able to kill that enemy or avoid the area, as that area is for players who are at a higher level. Skyblock is not a game where someone who just started can easily go to the bottom of the end and 1 hit everything as a solo player.

    Also, for auctions the players who buy the stuff off auctions had to get their money from somewhere, which can be a grind in itself. Though it isnt a bad idea to allow certain players to only buy certain things, it would make selling some items a lot harder, so I don't see this being added in the future.

    Skyblock is not a fair game, the rich will reap the rewards all the time. If someone can gain resources faster than someone else, then its likely because they grinded to get to that point.
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  3. Doesn't mention the toxic community?
  4. i kinda forgot that...
  5. Ah yes, the most op armour, diamond
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  6. I disagree with point 3.

    Some people can kill 2000+ T4 Svens/Broodfathers/Revenant and not get overflux, mosquito or scythe. If you’re very unlucky, you’re not going to get those items and I think it’s extremely unfair to limit the ability to get these rare exclusive items by only luck.
  7. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    For the love of god tell me you're a troll account.
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  8. i meant more like people can only buy what they already unlocked
    for exemple for bosses they only have to have its requirements unlocked or fight it atleast Once before they are able to buy the items of it
  9. abooody123

    abooody123 Active Member

    i don't agree with anything and you're overreacting
  10. this is not overreacting
    this is just what skyblock is most of the time
  11. abooody123

    abooody123 Active Member

    i checked ur profile and u still wearing hardened dia plus barely any fairy souls yeah it says u joined 7 months ago but the real question here is did u even play at least 3 or 4 months ? hmm
  12. i have been on longer and unlike some other players i worked for the stuff i have
  13. 1. Telekensis. Know its existence?
    2. They will learn their lesson.
    3. So what? Auction is for everyone.
    4. /sbmenu or nether star. Again do u know them?
  14. Hardened set take an hr, not month
  15. Please tell me you're trolling
  16. 1. telekenisis only works on blocks that the sayed player mined...which means if a player is for exemple mining a tree and a hogger comes in and uses his axe that destroyes the whole tree at once and the player who was already mining is left with nothing or just 1
    2. true
    3. it is but its also breaks the flow of skyblock
    4. its only works to teleport back and forth between the private islands and the hub which in turn waste time

    the time that i made that armor it was one of the rarest armor in game and insamely hard to get
    im already trying to make other armor
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  17. 1. Jungle axe????? kNoW iTs ExIstEnCe? And I just realize you just take only the example of the tree and nothing else.
    3. They grind for coins. They can buy whatever they want, dont complain here. Wtf do you think the use of coins in sb?
    4. Dont be lazy and accept it. If you dont want, quit the game already.
    What r u trying to make for months? Sponge armor???
  18. tychofighter

    tychofighter New Member

    its is still a bug that you can place enchanted block even with skyblock addons mod like snow and many athers i keep wasting my items and wen you mine it it gives you just the normal version
  19. Then dont do that again. You know its a bug but you still keep placing it? Idiot

    - scanner posts
    - stupid ways to get banned
    - ench items being placeable
    - aotd > pigman sword
    - too many end servers
    - getting kicked while AFK
    - spooky event cannot it
    - server crash = lost money

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