1. the baby rabbit you click on for the leaderboards will occasionally grow up into an adult one for no reason

    trickle down works in beast event, making it the only non-mystic way of healing during the event

    there are 8 mobs currently in the game (excluding playermodel NPCs like the King and the Keeper) if anyone can say all 8 of them i will give them 5 fresh next time i get on.

    when a carepackage event happens, before the chest touches the ground you can place obsidian around the area it'll land and get everything inside.

    this one is probablt known by everyone with them, but the paparazzi enchant also multiples the renown earned by the event.

    the perk lucky diamond has a glitch that's been in the game since it's release. if you get an armour piece from the perk, to to spawn, remove said piece, and then switch the perk to something else, you'll still have the piece and can equip it

    during the 10 month period before update 4.0, every game on the server except build battle was updated.

    including classic games.

    and every game in arcade

    there's still an area you can get out of the map in elements, but the death barrier set up makes it impossible to go very far

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  2. Rabbit, Silverfish, Villager, Creeper, Wolf, Chicken, Slime, TNT (technically a mob gottem)
  3. TNT (when active) is an entity not a Mob. All mobs are entitys but not all entitys are mobs.
  4. 0lts

    0lts Well-Known Member

    LOL u forgot snow golem a.k.a snowman

    snow golem, rabbit, silverfish, villager, creeper, wolf, chicken, and slime
  5. aye gj! F for qualitycont, I'll be on around 4pm EST, or if that doesn't work for you message me on discord (DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo#7133)
  6. 0lts

    0lts Well-Known Member

    YAY i won
  7. There's also invisible withers that are used for the boss bar btw
  8. 0lts

    0lts Well-Known Member

    i dont hear no wither during events
  9. I did not know trickle down worked LOL. The only time I might consider using it
  10. this is a cool series
  11. Ur missing some words
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  12. Nooo I was working out a list of mobs in my head and someone already did it.
    Another fact: Skunker's 5+ enchant sword was from one of the first auctions, and he said that when he transferred it to an alt, Mini messaged him and told him to transfer it back. It seems that he really does not want it duped.
    not sure if this is true but it's interesting
  13. that is partly correct.
    I have never moved it to an alt, but mini said I shouldn't.
  14. You don't need withers or dragons to display boss bars.
  15. If you go behind the barriers you can see particles coming from these withers, and if you shoot them, the arrows will bounce off, proving that they do exist.

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