1. After going through the fun task of working out if my Legendary was any good, I've made this Google Sheet that you can use to do it for you! Just fill your weapon stats in, say how many times it's been forged, and it will show you how good each stat is. The percentage it gives each stat is for how close to the maximum possible it is, 0% being the worst, 100% being perfect.

    Here it is!


    Example using my Defender weapon!

    Please note that because of how editing works with Google Sheets, it was easier to make it so that you have to make a copy of it yourself, sorry about that. Otherwise everyone is trying to change the values at the same time...And people vandalise things =(

    Of course, bear in mind that just because a certain stat isn't great, it doesn't mean that you should risk otherwise good stats with a reroll. For example: ranged classes don't need to worry about weapon damage quite as much as melee classes do. This is just a tool to show how your stats compare to the minimum/maximums, not whether your weapon is "bad" for your class or not.

    Update 30/Sept: changed minimum damage values to (hopefully) be more accurate. Use Plancke for best results!
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  2. Ded_

    Ded_ Well-Known Member

    3Z 3Z
    This is so k(c)ool :eek:

    I learned that my weapon is trashy! (kinda)
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  3. But I thought the forums worked for that too
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  4. Eh, when I see people call a stat that is the bare minimum possible "good" I tend to question the reliability :p
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  5. This is so cool! :) I will do this later and see how good my weapon is according to your system.
  6. This is so cool :O
    Mine weapon according to your system my weapon has score of 74.7% for all legendaries :O
    I wonder how much it will be at 4 forge :3
  7. This is so good :D
    I commend you on a fine job ;)
    But I hate you for making me realize the bad-ness of my Legendary -_-
  8. 49.9 for all legendaries, and It has green for all the stats I actually care about. (except energy, but meh)
    Side note: In game it says my legend is 17% strike boost, Plancke says it's 16.1! If that's true, the game is rounding up and I don't like that
  9. LightningSlow

    LightningSlow Well-Known Member

    Thanks to my AMAZING rerolls I only have Damage and Speed in a decent amount, the rest is shit.
  10. LavaLizard

    LavaLizard Active Member

    Crafted my first legend, 4 energy isn't gonna make to much of a difference so it's ok, damage is average but I'm cryo so ranged is preferable to melee anyways, the crit stats are garbage though, should I reroll?
  11. This is very useful although it only tells what I already kinda knew: I have literally the worst crit-stats ;)


    P.S: Why is my max damage -4.2%? :O
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  12. Cuz it's secretly a Holy Radiance Legendary ;)
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  13. The damage stats are the only ones that couldn't be calculated perfectly. I'll have another look at the numbers for other weapons with yours and try and see if I can refine it. Thanks for having an exceptionally bad stat, I guess :D
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  14. Glad to be of service to you ;)
  15. Q__T

    Q__T Well-Known Member

    TheALTs ALTS
    Wow. really cool! I sort knew where my weapons stood, but this is a cool thing.
    What I find really surprising is that if I compare my 2 legendaries they aren't very different... ?? I feel like they are very different.. so that was odd. Also that for their forging, my avenger one has a lower over all range score than my crusader one because by the plancke rating system it's better - ie it's a warlords at base, whereas my crusaders was only a champions at base.
    I also did the math to see what my avengers weapon would be like as a 4/4 and was again surprised that it only ranked ever so slighly higher than my crusaders. So I guess counting in what is important to you as the user really means a lot! You see with my strike boost on the avenger, I find this weapon to be soo much better than my crusaders. Also when asked the community really mehs my crusaders and tells me don't re-roll my avengers one anymore, so..... ?? hmmm.

    Here are my results from using your form: crusaders 1st then Avenger as a 0/4 and a 4/4
    Here are my 2 weapons:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. Thanks for making that love it <3
  17. What would be really cool is an Epic rater. For when you are crafting epics for classes bc you are shard broke and you wanna know if its any good.
  18. LavaLizard

    LavaLizard Active Member

    THIS WEAPON WAS AMAZING but apparently I'm RETARTED so I rerolled and got terrible stats, rerolled 7 more times all were garbage and now I'm broke, wasted 80 shards, and my legend is now garbage fml
  19. Bump since it's so useful.
  20. Though Useful, You shouldn't bump threads. Maybe we could get this pinned? idk how to request that though
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