1. Erkard

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    As you can see from the title someone either wants to learn java or has learned java.
    Now I can code java script (Picture coding) But I was wondering where did the community learn to code Minecraft plugins! I would love to see! Thanks!

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  2. I learnt the dumb way by taking eclipse, and the bukkit api, and trying to make random codes work. But I'd suggest learning the basics of Java, and then move onto bukkit plugins
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  3. Alpha_Cipher

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    I'd go for this way of learning the code, I find it hilarious to do so but if I manage to pull it off like you did, then I guess that would be one of the best things I've ever done
  4. same
    best way +1
    Do you have best friend?
  5. First learn Java, then learn Bukkit. I did it the other way around and I had a lot of trouble with it.
  6. billy_white

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    I would certainly recommend learning Java before bukkit.

    At first I was impatient, and I tried to start making bukkit plugin before I even knew Java. Now I have a basic knowledge of Java, and bukkit is so much easier for me now.

    If you want to learn Java, I'd recommend checking out thenewboston's channel on youtube.

    After you've gotten a basic knowledge of Java, I'd advise looking at TheBCBroz' channel on youtube.

    I hoped this helped :)
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  7. Never programmed any plugins, however. I've had a VERY successful run at the Google Play Store hehe.

    My ratings went to the toilet and so did the uninstalls when I decided to not push anymore updates as it got demanding having 70k users on just one of the apps. Even though I made about $3k a month on it.


    I also ran a pretty big Runescape Private Server, where I coded an automatic shop from website to ig. Easy to add items through cpanel and easy to manage. I later sold the script and made a few houndred bucks on it.

    I then coded a bitcoin casino through a linux VPS and got about $1k in investments from friends and later found out that it was illegal in my country so I shut it down immediately XD
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  8. Woah, I want to see this app :)
  9. A bit late to the party but where can I find Bukkit 1.8? I'm not seeing anything reliable.
  10. the official bukkit 1.8 API is not out yet, but there is a snapshot of it I believe
  11. So every version I find, it says it's unavailable. Could anyone send me a link to it? It does not have to be 1.8, just preferably not older than 1.7
  12. ZexyMichael

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  13. Snowily

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    I want to coding but can only code Viper And Scratch (LOL) so yeah…. xD

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