1. I was wondering if anyone could teach me/show me a course (preferrably cheap/free) on how to make mods for hypixel n stuff. Thanks :)
    Edit: I know it'll take long to learn and its not easy
  2. Defendit

    Defendit New Member

    Welp, you should take a Java Course from any website that are popular for better understanding, like udemy or a course from youtube. The fact that people think they can learn Java in 1 hour or 30 minutes is not true. You need at least 9 hours course or something. After learning Java and so on, go and see public source codes plugins and see how they work. Or you can take a course from YouTube or Udemy.
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  3. juniro

    juniro Well-Known Member

    Learn Java, specifically core concepts such as classes, implementation, inheritance, and objects. Once you have a strong grasp on the fundamentals, learn the Minecraft forge API (should you choose to make a forge compatible mod) and you're all set! :)
  4. PhazeDev

    PhazeDev Member

    Im making a new tutorial series with quick and concise videos! Here is thr link for the second video, I suggest you already have eclipse installed, if you are having problems then just leave a comment! I teach the basics of java as I go along

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