1. I also play Smash Heroes but Warlords need the update more 70 players play smash heroes right now and only 25 play Warlords!
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    Okay I always moan over people moaning about game updates but that’s just a ****take lmao
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  3. You shouldn’t moan over people who complain that their games don’t get updated seeing as you’re just another bed wars ******rd
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    You know, playing a game that you like doesn't make you a ******rd. The fact that you pointed him out like that shows me that you're the only person who could be called that here.
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  6. I wish that they could wake up from their lexotan dream and update Warlords.
  7. andnothing mentioned in july planned update either
  8. Never mentioned... like it doesn't exist... but it does.
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  9. Honestly, Warlords is/was one of the best games, and they left it to die in shambles.

    Maybe they could at least take a few parts and make it another game, like keeping the class elements or something? Even putting some of the class parts into Smash Heroes?

    They just need to realize their mistakes and update the older games, therefore reviving them.
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  10. And they have updated BW AGAIN, yesterday.
    Isn't that disrespectful?
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  11. Golly, would you look at the time! It's almost time for the devs to wake the foof up o'clock!
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  12. This was really funny and creative.
    I bet you don't play Bedwars everyday.
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  13. Not really, but ironically enough it was the reason I came back to Warlords (and MC generally) – my friend wanted us to play bw, but we later switched to Warlords because of my nostalgia (also I suck at pvp :v).
    I've actually tried joining Warlords earlier once, but things were the same (questionably worse) – 2 players in CTF, 0 in other modes, and no ongoing games... Having seen my favourite game crumble to its quiet death in a fashion worse than TKR, I got really ticked off and just left the server again

    TL;DR: I played bw until I mercilessly made my friend switch over to wl kek
    (no friend was harmed during this process)

    this is so sad can we hit bedwars for 9000! critical damage?
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  14. And at the same time we complain mojang abandoning us or not updating our version of the game with the combat we would like
    All these games are a minority at this point and so are all these games and hypixel must survive ( in a financial sense) I think these 2 look a bit similar dont you think
    And don't get me wrong I would love to see games like vampz and TKR get updates but yeah they will have to see what they can squeeze, maybe if they added a MOBA mode so fights arent so hectic and that there is a lot more strategy involved, I also think youtubers would be able to make better videos on a MOBA mode on warlords but thats just my opinion on it
    I do like the idea of all these weapons and RPG like progression in the game
  15. Arena Brawl
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  16. Update Throw Out.
  17. That could be possible only if the update would happen.
  18. Which update? Bedwars?
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  19. Probably Battle Royale will come back before the staff makes an update for warlords lol
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