1. [​IMG]

    May she be remembered, RIP
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  2. oh no rip
    also is it just me or the image isn’t showing up
  3. Husky

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    Legends never die
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  4. Ok reuploaded the image so every1 should be able to see now
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  5. Legends never die. They respawn
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  6. It says it’s an [​IMG]
  7. Tootsie

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    I am confused
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  8. She wasn't banned very long, she's back now
  9. default texturepack
  10. wdym?
  11. So what? Other texture packs decrease the fps and sometimes even ping for me, even the fps boost texture packs have such disadvantages. I'd rather stick with the original minecraft texture pack, thank you.
  12. That was her last game. She quit minecraft now. Ask DavidEmil :eek:
  13. Its different for everyone else I assume
    depends on a lot of factors, some even seem to get more frame rates with higher resolution texture packs because their computers are supposed to render bigger higher quality textures and not you know the low res mc textures
    I also didn't say you need an fps boost texture pack but for me I get a lot more framerate with a smooth pvp texturepack thats like double the resolution of default
    You also wanna add a low fire layer above your default texture pack if you really dont wanna use a pvp texture pack if u wanna get rid of the very big fire effect
  14. Ok idk what happened but half my message was gone. It was suppose to say it was an IMG so I can’t see the picture
  15. I think I'll just ask her myself
  16. No you gotta ask someone to ask someone else to ask someone else to ask another person to ask another person to ask her.
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  17. I wouldn't have said better :D

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