1. Seriously, its the most annoying thing, ik you can use wasp, which is what i do most of the time, but sometimes they either switch to barbarian, or they keep coming back until i run out of arrows, at that point i can either go to the launchers from shipwreck area or i can box myself in and get hackusated, kung fu bhunters arent strong, they really only kill me if im not expecting them, like if im not bountied, or something, but its just EXTREMELY ANNOYING, its so hard to get to a 250 streak without pressing f5 and seeing 5 yellow panties after me

    If you are a kung fu hunter, stop wasting your time, i will NOT die to you.
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  2. Viontro

    Viontro Member

    I will only hunt if i get mvp++
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  3. Sorry but you died to me before

    You literally only melee me after u shoot me wth wasp

    If u die to barb its your fault for being bad lol we dont get speed 2

    Or get better mystics
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  4. I mentioned that ill die if im not expecting, the 1 time you killed me i had no bounty on me, and no, i dont die to barbarian, but i cant go to spawn either bc they keep coming back over and over

    And yes, i am working on getting better pants

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  5. I only Kung Fu/Bounty Hunter hunt if they keep going for me or I know are using broken gear. Only way to beat broken gear is using broken gear. But main reason people use Kung Fu is it’s cheap. You don’t lose anything.
  6. did you roast ur armor
  7. Yes
  8. now you know how other people feel about mystic abusers :p
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  9. Mystic abusers kill
    Kung fu bhunters annoy

    Big difference there
  10. Died

    Died Well-Known Member

    Ah, so you were that guy that chased me through half of the map even though I kept combo-ing you.

    Tough luck if you can't counter a basic perk with your op mystics.
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  11. don't know why you're complaining about kung fu, when hunters with mystics that make them practically unkillable go unnoticed. if they are so easy to kill, there's nothing to complain about
  12. Is there any difference between that and a sword?
  13. Also the admins said more updates coming in March but tomorrow is April sooo yeah hopefully they balance that out
  14. 15h


    15h Well-Known Member

    1v1 me then, I’m a known kung fu hunter and I drop anyone I see when I hunt.
  15. Lol nicked hunters are so funny because most of them cheat. (IDK why I find it funny.)
  16. Try use mystics and see how annoying it is when a kung fu person comes again and again.
  17. I just bow them, does a ton of damage if they don't have speed. As for mystics, Hemorrhage or Wasp/Crush basically make kung fu useless
  18. But kung fu acts like 1 full heart true damage to mystics. Believe me, I learned the hard way. This thing is like a permanent perun 1.
  19. Telling people to stop doing something because it annoys others is the best way to encourage them to keep doing it
  20. but people are supposed to be killable

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