1. I have found the knight kit absolutely useless in insane mode so here is my idea.

    So we all know that the knight is the best sword that comes from kits or chests right? (don't think about armorsmith those don't count).

    How the knight kit works in normal mode

    Now we can see here that the iron sword does 6 attack damage

    The best chests sword 6.25
    And the knight does 6.5,+0.25 damage better than the best chests sword

    We can see that the knight kit sword does 0.25 better than the best chests sword. However, it's so messed up in insane mode. We all know that the sharp 1 diamond sword does 8.25 attack damage. Therefore, it should make sense for the knight kit to do 8.5 right?

    A Sharpness 4 golden sword does 9 attack damage, 0.75 better than the sharp 1 diamond. And it's insane mode, it can be a bit insane if it wants :p.

    Tell me what you think about this, is this a good idea or not. It turns out that the chances are that people will disagree because it will waste the developers time. However, as a fan of the knight kit in normal mode, it would be really nice to have it do the same job in insane mode.

    0.75 attack difference is insanely huge in normal mode, but in insane the diamond armor makes 0.75 not too much of a difference.


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  2. As long as the armor doesn’t receive as high a buff and there’s no unbreaking to balance its useage, I could see it happening.
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  3. Why not just stop using Knight? TBH, it's a pretty good idea though. ;)
  4. Ty
  5. I don't think insane mode is useless, i think it's useful for those who like diamond stuff.
  6. I never said insane mode is useless, I said that knight kit in insane mode is useless. Please read carefully before commenting next time :D
  7. sharpness 2 iron sounds good...
  8. Ok, I will change that tomorrow
  9. Knight USED to be sharp 2 iron sword.

    Although s3 isn’t that good, sometimes you get really unlucky in insane mode where you don’t even get a diamond sword but are stuck with a sharp one stone, hitting just over six damage, so the knight sword i guess was buffed in insane for that reason
  10. DAMN IT, why'd you expose the knight kit in normal mode!!! It was my secret! Now everyone is going to stop using Armour and use knight.
  11. not really xD. I use knight all the time and despite me exposing it all along, people still use armorer. It's all about your play style. They don't require good swords. However if you are extremely agressive, knight is great. That's why the professionals will always use armorer in normal.
  12. Sej


    Sej Well-Known Member

    maybe just keep it sharp 3? not all the kits have to be good... take slime for example its mad trash and doesn't do to much
  13. Sej


    Sej Well-Known Member

    knight still isn't good in normal u just get like 3 shot by people with actual armour
  14. however, I think that there needs to be more variety. Currently frog is very powerful and there is no variety. It makes players stick to one playstyle.

    As @Sej mentioned, if a kit was too good and overpowered, it would and should be removed
  15. Knight is the best kit. Heres why:
    If you are on a smaller map, even better. But first off, if you rush the base next to you, there's like a 80% chance that they went armourer. But by the time you are at their base, they probably didn't manage to get a sword in time. You over power them, take their armour, and you have a full set of gold armour. Then you just rush mid or other islands.
  16. Sej


    Sej Well-Known Member

    very rarely they will haven't have gotten a sword + they can just grab a sword and kill u
  17. even if they do have a sword, you have the element of suprise
  18. Sej


    Sej Well-Known Member

    which doesn't help too much

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