1. Hello!
    This is a Skywars guide for new players that have a kit
    that they really don't know if they should use.
    I'll be ranking all the Solo/Teams kits in the following categories:
    • What mode (Solo/teams, insane/normal) the kit is best in
    • General playstyle of the kit (Control v. Aggro)
    • Overall rating (A-F)
    Lets get started!


    Golden Chestplate, Leggings, Boots

    This kit is good across all gamemodes, but it is slightly better in normal mode as gold armor is mid-tier while it is low-tier in Insane.

    This kit (In my opinion) is more aggro, allowing you to rush middle with a weapon, with the kit giving you good armor to tank.



    Protection III, Sharpness I
    64 XP bottles
    Diamond helmet.

    This kit is better in solo, since it provides no team synergy whatsoever. As for solo v. insane, it is fairly equal, but slightly better in Insane since it allows you to get a Sharpness II sword often off spawn.

    This kit is more control-based, as it requires you to loot all your starting chests to get a Sharpness 2/prot 3. It also has no weapon or blocks, so rushing mid is entirley based on your spawn chests.


    Baseball Player

    Will finish list later, post opinions below
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  2. if those kits are Bs then what is an a?
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  3. You can go to your shop menu and newbies can see what the kit is about....
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  4. Energix is an S+ kappa
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  5. Energix, knight, frog etc
  6. Maybe il add an S tier
  7. They can see what the kit has, but say a newbie just got cannoneer, is hyped because it is legendary, but screws themselves over by using it. Having advice from a player that has used and had experience playing it could help alot.
  8. obviously pharaoh and enchanter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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  9. Would a new player see this thread tho?

    And no offense, but armorsmith is usually better than knight :p
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  10. Maybe its just my personal bias, since I always play fast/rush mid.
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  11. Armor smith gets a better helmet, a possibility to get sharp 2 stone/dia or a sharp 1 stone, iron, or diamond. All of them except for sharp 1 stone is better than stone.

    It only takes like 10 seconds to enchant the sword/armor. That's why I think only on maps like shire or aegis that knight is better
  12. Pyro:
    Cover the map with lava and make everyone ragequit

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  13. They can ask here at the forums and I'm pretty sure a member can answer the questions. Yes I do agree with having some advice to new players. I know how it feels like when I'm new and no one is willing to answer my questions etc
  14. hextech

    hextech Well-Known Member

    Sigil OFFICER
    Probably Scout, Farmer, Fisherman, etc.

    [Puts etc. cuz I can't think of anything else]
  15. Straight up though, damn kit's OP lol.
  16. I have actually won games with enchanter sharp 3 ftw
  17. those kits are like a B. again, kits like energix, frog, knight, armorer are A
  18. Technically, you can also get a sharp 2 off spawn in normal mode
  19. but sharp 2 diamond in insane is better than sharp 2 stone in normal.

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