Should the kit be added to blitz?

  1. Yes, I love it!

  2. It needs some work..

  3. No, I don't think it should be added to blitz.

  1. Hey guys, Drimo here, and today I'd like to present my kit idea to you guys :)
    I've been working on this for a while, and I'm really proud of it c:
    [​IMG] Kit at level X (In the video I explain why the kit isn't overpowered, please watch it instead of judging based on the picture)

    If you hate/dislike anything about the kit, please be polite and nice :3
    Here is a short video about the kit so you don't have to read some boring text xd

    Please leave your opinion about the kit, and share this thread with your friends :)
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  2. Typheriia

    Typheriia Member

    I love it, this needs to be added in blitz ;_;
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  3. Mejah22

    Mejah22 New Member

    Nice I love it And I want it to be on the bsg!!
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  4. I think it should be added to Mega walls instead.
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  5. Jukez_MC

    Jukez_MC New Member

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  6. Jukez_MC

    Jukez_MC New Member

    :eek:If it was added to MegaWalla there would be to many op kits. BTW this si a great kit idea, nice work on developing squid kit for BSG Drimo.
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  7. LittleHero

    LittleHero New Member

    This is a decent kit. If you were aiming for an armor kit, then this is fine. If a weapon kit, then you're way off the line there. From Level 3-9 you get a wooden axe? The wooden axes get Sharpness 1 from Level 7-9. WHAT?! I mean, there's a pretty decent chance of anyone getting a stone / wooden sword(The wooden axe with the Sharpness is the same as a Wooden Sword.). A Stone Axe too. You have to wait for Level TEN to get something equal to a Stone Sword? If Level 8 had a stone axe and Level 9 had the Stone Axe with Sharpness I, it would be even more balanced! BUT NO! I can tell you're aiming for an armor kit, but still, it needs to have some sort of better weapon than the Wooden Axe with Sharpness at some level. And what will the squids do? You never really explained in the video.

    I never wanted to post a comment that criticizes someone's idea(That someone is you, DRimoHD). But I'm posting this sort of criticism to have you better the kit. I think it still needs work. But if this was a kit in Blitz, I wouldn't go for it until I had to.
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  8. i think that too.
  9. Agree!
    <3 Hi DRimo :) <3
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  10. To the squids - they can be used in the water as meat sheald. with resp u can stay in water for years. (helps u regan) if a full dia guy Comes in after u killing a full iron nerd you can just jump to the water to regan. and squids will Keep bow shots.

    to the Axe - it's easy to get swords nowadays. so dont worry about it. u get the axe to make sure ur not F***ed. squid is a armor and def kit. (creeper gets a clean Stone sword. thats Abit too much.) [Proud owner of creepertamerX]
  11. CheyyyyyyyyyyyyyBaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!<3
  12. Terrabyte

    Terrabyte Well-Known Member

    Erm... I really didn't think that anything could make me see two diamond pieces in one kit seem fair, but hey, congrats, you managed.

    To be honest, I think the only thing to be done with the kit is to make the boots have depth strider ( once the server updates to 1.8.. )

    Also, question: what do the squids do?
    ( im thinking to give them buffed health and make it so that every time someone hits one of your squids they get like 5 seconds of blindness 2 or something. )
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  13. shranky

    shranky Active Member

    omg the armor is soooo sexy ! i dont think ist overpowered but u should add something like the squids are throwing blidness pots (idk if its possible ^^) or something like that xD
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  14. SealTheBae

    SealTheBae Active Member

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  15. The Squids protect u from bow shots in the water. squid gets resp III so u can stay underwater and heal up ur lost heath.
  16. You got a funny idea xD ask @Hypixel
  17. #17
  18. epic! should be added
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  19. This is awesome
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  20. Nice kit! I think it would maybe fit in ok. :)
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