Would you like Pumpkinator to be added to blitz?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Yes, but I would like to see a few changes to the kit (Please tell me what changes)

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  1. (been a while since I made a blitz thread... oh boy) So A while back, I thought of a Halloween kit for blitz, Since blitz has snowman which is a Christmas kit related, Why not have a Halloween kit? Kinda like shadow knight vs Paladin.

    Now I'm going to introduce the kit!

    Icon: Pumpkin head or Iron axe
    Kit desc: Not thought off yet
    Kit requirements: No levels, 15,000 coins to unlock.
    Kit special effects: Can deal 10% extra damage to snowman kits.


    Pumpkin head.

    Pumpkin protection 1, wood axe.

    Pumpkin protection 1, wood axe, chain boots.

    Pumpkin protection 2, wood axe, chain boots.

    Pumpkin protection 2, Stone axe, chain boots, orange/brownish leather chest.

    Pumpkin protection 3, Stone axe, chain boots, orange/brownish leather chest.

    Pumpkin protection 3, Stone axe, chain boots, orange/brownish leather chest, Brown leggings.

    Pumpkin protection 3, Iron axe, chain boots, orange/brownish leather chest protection 1, brown leggings.

    Pumpkin protection 4, iron axe, chain boots unbreaking 2, orange/brownish leather chest protection 1, thorns 1, brown leggings.

    Pumpkin protection 5, Diamond axe, chain boots unbreaking 2, orange/brownish leather chest proection 2, thorns 1, brown leggings protection 1.

    Yeah it's pretty bad..

    Anyway if you have any changes/balances feel free to tell me.
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  2. Just seems like a weaker shadow knight
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  3. Spidyyyy

    Spidyyyy Well-Known Member

    Lamron 300
    then what's the point to post this idea...
    ikr this kit has nothing special, so dont post an idea until you imagine a good kit that would be different of all the ones that already exist
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  4. I like the concept, but I wouldn’t want to play this kit. The pumpkin would be annoying and nobody would want to wear it because of the bad vision, and since that is a main part of the kit it would kind of discourage people from getting it.
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  5. Th3ChompPvP

    Th3ChompPvP Well-Known Member

    AXIS X
    There's this new invention called "texture packs" and it stops that from happening.
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  6. EenBroodje

    EenBroodje Member

    With the protection on the pumpkin, it's like the shadow knight Skull with protection?
  7. You most be the fake "Steven" right?
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  8. maybe make it so all armor pieces are leather with prot 1, thorns 1 and unb 5 (except make the helmet thorns 3) and add kb to the dia axe? I think that would be a pretty good kit
  9. Dang well 100% players have a texture pack, with this feature
  10. Maybe it can be a pumpkin player head?
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  11. shadow knight with worse leggings and without potions
    also you need a texture pack to play the kit
  12. Kataclysmal

    Kataclysmal Well-Known Member

    I know the topic of Hallowe'en is limited, so it's probably just coincidence but this is very similar to my kit 'Banshee' just with slight differences. I like the concept but I don't think BSG will be updated before Hallowe'en.
  13. Yeah, I don't think I seen your kit but I really think there should be a Halloween kit like snowman

    The Halloween kit doesn't need to be limited time and not be added in October, maybe when the next update comes but yeah.
  14. Add something else to make it unique...?
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  15. Well, I have many ideas in mind to improve the kit not sure yet.
  16. just edit it, it is so easy just erase the black once you find the pumpkin lol
  17. How is this related to what I said?

    Not every player is going to want to download a texture pack, even fewer players are going to download one with this feature

    those people who don't download texture packs are not going to be the types of people who go in and edit textures, because they don't want to or they don't know how. Certainly they aren't going to spend time editing a texture so they can play a specific kit in a specific game mode.

    Bottom line: the average player isn't going to have a fully visible screen while wearing a pumpkin, which takes away some appeal to the kit
  18. Editing textures is extremely easy even if you are super bad at editing textures or using a computer in general.

    Honestly almost everyone should have texture packs and if they dont then they probably dont own a level X or even play blitz.

    Like I said it is so easy and there are many texture packs out there that have the darkness already erased, if they are too lazy to change or download a different texture then they wont even use this crappy kit.
  19. choosing to ignore everything I say so I am done talking with you xd

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