1. 14A16F5F-B0E0-4C9C-8550-76445AB906C7.jpeg CE80FACD-51A0-4D23-91D0-A687C8E34CB1.png E084272E-D808-468C-BAB1-A8B69FCE6A99.png 5ADB9BCB-CFE8-4960-BBF3-F5EC1E29A947.jpeg 26CD35BB-CC7A-41AC-B410-B2A723F56025.jpeg A4456450-D0A1-4E87-B97B-79ACDBCEF00C.jpeg BC6A1A59-B768-41CD-AF43-87A977A67F84.jpeg 71303899-4EC0-46E6-AD3C-D3F09644278E.jpeg A68DF1BD-366D-417C-8B27-8EC5EEC80FBD.jpeg What if: KingBishops whole egotism comes from his “what if” mindset. He has fantasies about what him and his group could do with certain mystics that they won’t ever get or in the quantity he has in his fantasies.

    Alt gens = dupe: when king bishop thinks that alt gens are me duping Minecraft accounts

    Will record my bhoppers: he thinks recording snd reporting bhoppers on the forums is an effective way to stop Purger hoppers xd

    Another day another clown post on KingBishop

    5th Incursion tommorow...

    Get ready..

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  2. alright i hate the whole pitpurge thing but i have to agree that he is a... "special" person
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  3. So you dupe
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  4. Wow warp really thinks im gonna cry when i see that actually i think its funny most of the community hates you
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  5. Yes wow that was my intention. But 100% of the community hates you. I have fans and supporters, you and your group has none.
  6. Pls no expose,,,...,,...
  7. Planestation

    Planestation New Member

    You just wait you will see kingsbishop great leading and we are to take down purgers

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  8. Oh yes we do
  9. Yea your a pit purger i will not listen to you
  10. WhY doNt tHe aDiMnS CaRe abOuT uS
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  11. Phlox

    Phlox Active Member

    transfer ownership of jackals here I say youre gay pls

    cuz yk im epic
  12. uglycrab

    uglycrab New Member

  13. You're not far off of being hated by most of the community either buddy xD

    Just going to point that out there. Not saying that "I hate you", but a lot of other users do hate you more than Warp atm...
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  14. This is what we need more of, the OG's showing pushovers like him who really run the pit.
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  15. nice 11 members im scared
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  16. LOL I remember once I bhunted him with combo swift 2... he said "HACKS SMH" in chat lmao
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  17. are you acting like a retard or are you actually a retard
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  18. Random Fact #4
    Flamingos bend their legs at the ankle, not the knee

    I’m at school so I’m gonna do a bunch of these right now :)
  19. Duqo

    Duqo Active Member

    Liamo LIAMO
    But what if I *intensifies*
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